Sponsorship Amplified: Leveraging Brand and Memorable Fan Experience

The world of sports design never stands still. The design needs of sports and recreation facilities are constantly changing due to new innovations, directions, technologies, and the expanding expectations and emerging trends within the industry. Sports venues can be catalysts for urban and campus revitalization. Sporting experiences can activate communities as well as generate revenues. Delivering successful sports facilities takes a dedicated team with global expertise in large-scale placemaking and branded destinations. We’re the innovators in professional, collegiate, and sports-anchored, mixed-use sports venue development.

We combine our strong track record of creating facilities that meet the needs of both the world’s premier athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts with an unrivaled passion for competition, recreation, and wellness. We are focused on creating world-class facilities with the flexibility to endure for decades. Our consulting team provides a formidable bank of market knowledge, combining local information with an international perspective. We have assisted sports owners and governmental agencies in planning, financing, and implementing professional league arenas, stadiums, sports training facilities, tennis centers, motor sports complexes, and entertainment event venues.

Much of our corporate work draws on the extensive and relevant experience of our consultants across multiple practices firm wide, including mergers and acquisitions (numerous team sales and financings), technology, and project financing (particularly in the construction of new stadiums and arenas), and other areas (e.g., our routine advising on issues for the NBA and NHL).

Technological Convergence

The desire for authenticity and tailored experiences will propel the next generation of venues that will avoid the generic and celebrate the local. Whether it is an immersive, interactive, or collective social opportunity, existing venues will need to continually adapt to the changing economics of each sport by providing the end user with a more authentic, tangible experience.

We help marketing and advertisement business units develop new strategies and approaches for a market characterized by significant shifts in media consumption, faster cycle times for ad formats, and new entrants in the marketplace. We find that clients are looking for assistance offering distinctive products, developing ways to accurately evaluate the return on investment from new media advertising, and finding better ways to meet the needs of advertisers. We help our clients rethink the lines of integration between their online and off-line sales and better match their go-to-market strategy to their business model.

Synchronizing Go-to-Market Approach with Strategy

We help clients with the development of their digital businesses to enhance growth and drive sustainable revenue increases across all media sectors. We help companies build a transformation road map to address the sometimes significant organizational and infrastructure challenges to becoming a digital leader. Digital media engagements frequently span several areas, including growth, capability building, operations, technology, strategy, and organization. We monitor digital trends and work with our clients to help them rapidly respond to changing environments; we help companies determine where, how, and when to compete.