Community Scholars and Ambassadors

We empower our people at all levels to be involved with societal causes and follow their passion for helping others. We encourage them to contribute to social innovation projects in their countries, to volunteer in their communities, and to use their skills on nonprofit boards. We make it possible for them to take time off to contribute to societal causes. In addition, we aim to be a good firm in terms of our business practices, governance, and environmental responsibility as well as how we care for our people. As a firm that serves clients, we help a wide range of organizations improve their performance.

Helping Orphaned Children

There are eight million children living in orphanages around the world. None of them want to be there. They’re alone for a lot of different reasons: they’ve been abandoned by their parents, they’re orphaned, they’re forced to fend for themselves. Poverty, illness, conflict and natural disasters also play a significant role. Ask any child and they will tell you that their biggest dream is to be part of a loving family — it’s where they thrive. In collaboration with the Miracle Foundation we help provide children in need with a caring, loving, and secure family environment where basic needs for food, health, shelter, and education are met.

Catholic Charities USA (Non-Profit Organization)

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) is a national association of local and diocesan Catholic charitable agencies founded in 1910 as the National Conference of Catholic Charities (NCCC) on the campus of the Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, D.C. The nonprofit organization, which became CCUSA in 1986, has grown into one of the largest social welfare associations in the nation, currently with 1,735 branches throughout the United States. More than 240,000 volunteers, staff, and board members comprise the Catholic Charities network, annually serving over 7.8 million people of all faiths.

United Nations Global Partnership: Taking Action in Developing Countries

Today’s youth face many challenges. About two hundred million young people live in poverty. More than twenty million are unable to read and write. And close to thirty million are unemployed. Social innovation is about applying new approaches, refining existing practices, and bringing powerful tools to bear in solving the world’s most pressing social challenges. We recognize that, when we collaborate with the world’s most ambitious organizations, we can multiply our impact in areas as diverse as economic development to poverty alleviation. We partner with several like-minded organizations and leaders who are eager to help drive global change and make an impact.

We are a values-driven organization. Our policies reflect our respect for human rights, labor rights, and freedom of association, which are consistent with the ten universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Through our company’s partnership with the United Nations Human Rights and Natural Disasters initiative, we are helping to identify the world’s most promising social innovation entrepreneurs and giving them access to invaluable global business networks to further their platform. We work with a wide range of investment partners to help make microfinance—particularly savings accounts—widely accessible to economically disadvantaged people throughout the developing world. Our work seeks to harness the power of collaboration among businesses, governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises to address these challenges more effectively and on a wider scale.

Friends of the Earth: Environmental Stewardship

The challenges of sustainable development are complex and daunting and cross all boundaries. Over the past decade, we have sought to develop an authoritative fact base and analytical tools that enable sound decision-making that encompasses both economics and the environment. In doing so, our work has enabled businesses and consumers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make more efficient use of resources, and protect precious natural environments. We serve private, public, and social sector clients across the world regarding the steps they are taking to address climate change. As a firm, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote global security.

National Coalition for the Homeless

The National Coalition for the Homeless is committed to creating the systemic and attitudinal changes necessary to prevent, and eventually end, American homelessness. Simultaneously, the National Coalition for the Homeless works to meet the immediate needs of people who are currently experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of doing so. One of the guiding principles is to include people experiencing homelessness in all aspects of its work. The National Coalition for the Homeless works to empower communities and those experiencing homelessness to advocate for positive change, while acting as a national voice for these local advocates. The focus of the National Coalition for the Homeless is on advocacy work in four policy areas: affordable housing, comprehensive healthcare, livable incomes, and the preservation of civil rights. In order to achieve these goals, the National Coalition for the Homeless utilizes six major strategies: policy advocacy, litigation, public education, community organization, research, and technical assistance.

Burk Family Foundation

We believe everyone has the right to live a meaningful and fulfilling life in an inclusive, equitable and safe environment. Our ambition is to help free everyone’s potential, removing the barriers that prevent people from acting and thriving. We work to find ways of breaking the spiral of poverty, addressing its underlying causes and generating positive change across the generations. Each generation has upheld a tradition of giving to and supporting the social needs and artistic tendencies of its time, spanning housing and healthcare to the arts and education. We honor the family legacy as we continue to build programs in support of inspiring hope and changing lives. We are committed to supporting social organizations through access to our resources to meet the challenges that stand between societies and more stable, prosperous, and inclusive communities because it is both our responsibility and in the interests of our clients and employees.

The Burk Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by our firm and designed to develop innovative approaches to complex social challenges. It is a separate 501(c)(3) that houses programs. The Burk Family Foundation is governed by a board, which is responsible for approving strategic plans and budgets as well as reviewing our operational and financial performance.