Construction Managers, Owners’ Representatives, and Construction Consultants

We bring an independent perspective to our clients that is aligned with their goals and unencumbered by competing interests of the numerous stakeholders. Our business acumen, on-the-ground experience, and comprehensive program and project management knowledge of functional operational topics—such as project origination, procurement, design, engineering, construction and strategic risk management—uniquely positions us to support entities involved in public- and private-sector projects, and asset investors. We also partner with clients across aspects of real-estate development, design, engineering, and project execution.

Drawing on our extensive experience serving transport authorities, government agencies, banks and funds, and other public and private entities, we work to ensure that stakeholders are aligned and project outcomes are mutually beneficial. We support clients on asset planning and prioritization, financial projections— including demand modeling, and operating models. We work with clients to define construction contracting strategies—including public-private partnerships (PPP).

To help organizations apply the same analytical rigor to capital projects as they do to contracts, we established a strategic approach to project due diligence. We evaluate five dimensions: technical issues, execution requirements, market factors, political and regulatory concerns, and organizational capabilities against five readiness criteria: degree of project definition, degree of optimization, quality of risk assessment, planning for the next stage, and adequacy of resources. We help clients build governance models balancing cohesion and maximizing synergy while accounting for project risk. Our expertise spans the construction process: program and project financing, site development, design and engineering coordination, and construction. Our proprietary models enable us to identify risk, advise on budget, and assess risk mitigation and the implications on the financing strategy. 

Project Planning and Development

We believe that architecture is inextricably tied to use, place, client aspirations, and cultural traditions. We believe that the greatest structures are those that cannot be imagined anywhere else in the world. Thus, it is our mission to provide clients with highly functional, intuitive design and engineering solutions that are sensitive to an ever-changing environment in both scale and context. We recognize the importance of each detail and respect its role as part of the whole. Our engineering and construction group considers structures as mechanisms in motion rather than static objects. We believe that a refined science of engineering leads to the most efficient solutions. Innovation and design excellence are the principle aspirations for our engineering services. We believe the best engineering solutions result from a close collaboration with our clients and our multidisciplinary approach to design.

Project Execution, Delivery, and Assurance

As infrastructure contributes to the economic output of a region, it is an important measure of productivity. When deciding what to build, planners and policy makers often need to balance complex political, economic, and environmental tradeoffs. On megaprojects worth one-billion or more, we help clients minimize risks to the balance sheet and boost net present value by up to twenty percent by improving project concept and setup. On small- and medium-size projects, we help create business cases, optimize concepts and designs, and streamline construction—delivering savings of ten percent of the addressable budget.

Our offering combines a global network of capital project and infrastructure experts with an extensive understanding of local markets and global trends. Our comprehensive services span pre-construction and feasibility analysis, budget development and cost control, selection of construction partners (including public–private partnerships), and management of the entire implementation and estimation process. We support clients on asset planning and prioritization, financial projections (including value engineering), and facility operating management models. Our affiliated subsidiary companies have the capacity to self-perform, often partnering with qualified local subcontractors (experts in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing disciplines), and our heavy civil team (experts in development, site preparation, excavation, and specialized deep complex foundations).

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Through our functional expertise across all aspects of capital projects and operations, we offer both targeted initiatives and broad, long-term support to optimize project spend and operations, prioritize projects and investments across a project portfolio and accelerate delivery by working alongside our clients, building the capabilities of client teams and also serving as facility managers. We bring integrated teams of partners and consultants, as well as senior experts with decades of experience designing technical solutions and running major projects. This combination of best-in-class technical, financial, and project-execution expertise, backed by our robust value-engineering methodology and depth of experience, allows us to deliver superior value to project-owner organizations worldwide.