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Our mission is to provide leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors with the facts and insights on which to base management and policy decisions. Our research addresses some of the world’s biggest issues, including tackling natural resource challenges, improving urban transport, and providing affordable housing. We seek to generate new thinking and to identify practical solutions.

United States Politics and Government: A Sector Guide to Policy

Our public-sector practitioners are publishing a series of articles on broadly applicable innovations in government. The series—based on field reporting and interviews with government officials, senior executives, academics, and nongovernmental organizations—presents a collection of snapshots that capture the people, places, and management strategies driving this wave of change. The project does not endorse political choices but rather examines sustained, significant initiatives. We invite interested parties to nominate countries, trends, or innovators to feature in our series.

Public Policymaking by Private Organizations

Cities and metropolitan areas are the hubs of the national and global economy and the primary places where people seek jobs and opportunity. They are at the forefront of the major demographic and social changes confronting the nation. Our mission is to deliver research and solutions that help metropolitan leaders build an advanced economy that works for all. Drawing on insights from the private sector and decades of public-sector work, we support clients on a range of strategic topics, including identifying social, economic, and technology trends; synchronizing budgeting and strategic-planning processes; designing stakeholder-engagement plans; and creating innovation programs.

We provide organizations with the specific market and consumer intelligence and the expert perspectives they need to inform key decision-making in complex, fast-evolving markets through expert support for strategic and marketing planning, in-depth market analyses to understand fast-changing consumer behavior, and a rigorous fact base to help companies identify, prioritize, and seize business opportunities.  

To deepen our understanding of agency-level transformation, we surveyed more than one thousand US government leaders about their experiences with change programs—a dataset that we have compared with responses from more than five thousand private-sector leaders. Our plan is to extend our survey sample to more countries and investigate next-order questions, including how transformation approaches vary across different types of government institutions. In the coming months we will host interactive forums to invite input from relevant parties, and in the meantime we welcome any initial reactions.

The Judicialization of American Politics

Facing extreme volatility in financial and commodity markets, more and more of our clients are realizing that effective, risk-informed strategy can offer a major competitive advantage. We take a truly global, cross-sector, cross-functional view of risk issues, combining our deep industry insight and strategic skills with a structured risk-management approach and proven methodologies focused on transformation, analytical tools, and delivery and implementation.

We help clients develop strategic insight through strategic foresight. We continually monitor and assess the global forces that senior executives must consider to stay ahead of the long-term trends reshaping business as we know it. Based on deep macroeconomic insight and in-depth market-level research, we present in granular detail the most current knowledge on trends and forces. Our global forces service line helps clients recognize and capture the growth opportunities created by these trends—and protects their businesses from the downsides of emerging risks.

Our purpose is to drive significant, tangible, and lasting improvements in service delivery for citizens. We work to support schools and health systems, improve infrastructure and food production, and boost investment and economic growth. 

We provide deep insight into the impact of such major global forces as the role of rapidly emerging global markets, the need to accelerate productivity in developed economies, the ever-increasing connectedness of the global economy, the tension between rising resource consumption and the desire for environmental sustainability, and government’s ever-increasing role in the economy.

Sovereign States and Non-Government Organizations

Advanced and emerging nations alike face major, albeit different, obstacles to stable and inclusive economic growth. Advanced economies strive for human-capital development, sustainable growth, and productivity improvement in the public sector. Developing economies must balance the benefits of economic progress with societal and individual costs. Much progress has been made in the past century in raising individuals and societies out of poverty. Continuing this progress will require a significant and sustained focus on economic development. Unlocking economic growth will require smart strategies for overcoming growth obstacles such as natural disasters and the effects of climate change.

Defense and security institutions worldwide—including defense ministries, military commands, regional and national security organizations, and intelligence agencies—are under intense pressure to maintain a high level of security for citizens while substantially reducing expenditures. We help defense and security institutions meet this challenge. We combine deep international experience in national security with global expertise that spans industries and the public, private, and social sectors.

 Mr. Vincent Taupin

Mr. Vincent Taupin

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Mr. David Smith

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