Aeronautics and Astronautics Technology

Some of the most revolutionary and remarkable technologies of recent decades have been spun off from research conducted under the banner of defense and exploration: dialysis machines, implantable pacemakers, affordable and accurate digital imaging surgery, global positioning satellites, corrosion-resistant coatings for structural steel, hydroponic systems for growing stations, and collision avoidance systems on aircraft. Proclaiming the intention to land a man on the moon, President John F. Kennedy welcomed the American citizenry’s aid in the effort. That generation, and the one that followed, consisted of the same generation of technologists that invented the personal computer. Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, was thirteen years old when the United States landed an astronaut on the moon.

We help government agencies fulfill their mission of protecting the public in an era of dynamic threats and heightened government expectations. We collaborate with government leaders and experts globally to develop actionable perspectives on regulation and enforcement. We deliver global solutions across a broad range of intelligence and counterintelligence disciplines. We work with public clients to collect and manage data to provide strategic intelligence and strengthen the operating environment. We are committed to helping aerospace and defense organizations realize their strategic visions and meet mission-critical goals. Our work in defense and security covers a wide range of topics. We combine deep functional experience in national security with global expertise that spans industries as well as the public, private, and social sectors.

Departments and Ministries of Defense

Defense and security institutions worldwide—including defense ministries, military commands, regional and national security organizations, and intelligence agencies—are under intense pressure to maintain a high level of security for citizens while substantially reducing expenditures. Being prepared requires constant vigilance and foresight. Preparedness applies not only to the effective execution of operations but also to the assurance that operations continue smoothly through any type of event. Organizations face an ever-changing series of threats to their future. That is why it is essential to identify existing threats quickly and review the processes and procedures that have been established to combat those threats. The tempo of military operations has been relentless. Innovations in military technology and operations have marked these past two decades of conflict. Precision-guided munitions have evolved and demonstrated their effectiveness in conflicts beginning with the Gulf War and continuing in Kosovo, Afghanistan and, most recently, Operation Unified Protector in Libya. We help defense and security institutions meet this challenge. We combine deep international experience in national security with global expertise that spans industries and the public, private, and social sectors. Our work covers a wide range of topics, from examining macroeconomic trends and performing expenditure analysis to assessing and quantifying risk, engineering infrastructure, anti-terrorism, and force protection. We advise clients on strategy, organization, and capability building as well as research and development.

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Assistance

Much progress has been made in the past century in raising individuals and societies out of poverty. Continuing this progress will require a significant and sustained global focus on economic development. And unlocking economic growth will require smart strategies for overcoming growth obstacles such as natural disasters and the effects of climate change. We help governments and public-sector organizations design and implement large-scale strategies that promote economic development and inclusive growth. In addition, our practitioners have access to proprietary research, tools, and approaches that have been successfully applied worldwide, including financial-inclusion cost-curve models, research on sector-specific value chains, and greenhouse-gas-abatement cost curves. We continually invest in developing unique capabilities, insights, and tools to serve our clients. Our global teams of supply chain and logistics experts help our clients address the complex business-management issues at the heart of aerospace and defense. Our research on core management functions, for example, helps public-sector defense and security leaders understand the practices that drive better management decisions.