Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers

As healthcare business models evolve and academic campuses become more integrated with medical centers and scientific research fights to cure societal challenges, we continue to draw from our broader team of firm experts to design solutions to address those unique needs. We help Medical and Regulatory Affairs Divisions implement best practice organizational setups and build the capabilities required to meet the expectations of external shareholders. We also support clients in their pursuit of product safety and clinical quality excellence.

Drawing on a broad range of services that includes architecture, engineering, interior design, construction, and facilities optimization services, our solutions are driven by understanding how our clients define value and how we can help them improve performance. Working with a range of clients, we help to design and build organizations from establishing models of public-private partnerships to restructuring existing organizations to enhance their ability to tackle complex issues.

Outpatient or Ambulatory Care Clinics

Advances in healthcare have dramatically increased life expectancy, and new medical treatments are helping many people improve their quality of life. Yet progress has created daunting economic challenges; in most of the industrialized world, healthcare spending has consistently exceeded gross domestic product by two percent per year. Healthcare has become the world’s largest industry with a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector. Through our research and development initiatives, worldwide partnerships, and extensive healthcare experience and expertise, we are generating insights to help address this healthcare challenge.

The challenges facing healthcare providers—improving financial performance, increasing cost effectiveness, improving population health status, and boosting quality of care—are not new. What is new is the increasing need to address all those challenges. Delivering value involves helping healthcare organizations improve performance management through enhanced strategic and operational approaches. Given industry dynamics, most healthcare organizations today must undertake transformations—significant organizational changes that improve performance and build capabilities.

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Research Facilities

Our research and development clients include major pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and clinical research organizations. We have multiple strategies for enhancing client productivity and performance. Our technology and information strategy consultants take an objective top management approach to supporting executives at healthcare organizations on technology and performance transparency issues. We partner with our clients to enhance strategy and group performance, increase technology enablement of key business functions such as finance and marketing, promote clinical performance transparency, and help healthcare executives get the most from their analytics investments.

The pharmaceuticals industry continues to invest in capital projects at an increasing rate. Because time to market can be the biggest value driver for capital projects in pharmaceuticals, we partner with clients to help them execute projects faster and more efficiently. We help clients shift their focus from only reducing construction costs to also improving the total business case of a project and accelerating their product’s time to market. From large-capital-expenditure (capex) projects to small- and medium-capital portfolios, we bring project optimization expertise, proven techniques, and an independent perspective that helps clients identify improvements that will have the greatest impact on their business. We partner with organizations throughout all stages of the project life cycle, from design optimization to procurement through construction, commissioning-and-qualification handoff, and regulatory review.