Digital Technology

We help clients create value and manage risks across the entire risk lifecycle. We work with clients to develop processes that improve their business performance in terms of productivity and flexibility.

Finding Your Digital Sweet Spot

Translating digital strategy into business requirements and technology solutions and implementing those solutions at scale is the Achilles’ heel of digitization. Many such efforts cost too much, take too long, and disappoint in their business impact. We help clients make the right up-front technology choices for the chosen strategy and then deliver bold and agile execution. We help leading companies and public sector agencies deliver high-impact digital strategies at scale, at speed, and at the lowest attainable cost. Our work covers the full technology stack from selecting the right applications and tools to advising on next-generation technology infrastructures to creating custom mobile apps through rapid prototyping methods.

Solution Design and Implementation

Whether building digital prototypes to visualize strategies, creating custom-built apps and analytics, or embarking on agile transformations, we help clients capture business value from their ideas and initiatives. We work hand-in-hand with client executives and our consultants to support implementation by rapidly creating digital prototypes and embedding recommendations in clients’ existing technology platforms. Our work ranges from simple custom apps to enablement of end-to-end digital transformation.

We work with consultants from across our industry and functional practices to fully understand our clients’ business context, goals, and challenges. Then we deliver quick, high-value, and cost-effective custom digital prototypes and designs that work across form factors (mobile, tablets, and PC) using the latest cloud, mobile, and big data technologies. Our approach is fast, flexible, and collaborative. We create rapid prototypes— usually in two to three weeks—and full-scale applications, typically within two to three months, to help clients create alignment and deliver greater impact. We work collaboratively by using agile principles through design and development to deliver fully functioning web-based and mobile applications that meet business goals.

Technical Expertise

To help our clients capture lasting results, we provide full hands-on support and training to ensure that business solutions are deployed, used, and adopted effectively. We work with our clients’ IT organizations after deployment either to transition the solution in-house or to provide ongoing hosting and support. This capability allows us to rapidly create prototypes, apps, and smart integration layers to accelerate delivery and business value.


Related Practices

We collaborate with our colleagues in other industry and functional practices. In particular, we work closely with our experts in the following areas:

Mr. Thomas Walsh

Mr. Thomas Walsh

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