Workplace Transition Planning and Management

The pressures and costs of moving a staff or renovating a facility can often exceed the available resources needed for execution. We create seamless transition plans for our clients that identify tasks to be accomplished, define resources required and establish timeframes for execution. Our team takes the time to perform in-depth operational interviews and partners with your key stakeholders to understand the complexities of your unique organization. Our teams—representing a unique combination of strategic advisors and senior practitioners with decades of hands-on experience—work alongside clients to create value and impact that other traditional project participants may miss or ignore. 

Our business acumen, on-the-ground experience, and comprehensive knowledge of functional topics—such as organizational effectiveness, lean execution, supply-chain management, and risk management—uniquely positions us to support all entities involved in transitioning projects We partner with clients across all aspects of business origination and development, design, and delivery. 

We partner throughout the entire process of transitioning-project development, including:

  • Developing the project plan. We define a clear value proposition for the project and craft the commercial and development plan for various stakeholders.

  • Mapping investors. We identify potential investors, facilitate introductions, and develop the information or materials to support investor engagement.

  • Providing strategic end-to-end support. We provide a wide range of support throughout the project-development phase, including due diligence, development and management of a business plan, establishment of a project-management-office function to support development and management of third-party contractors, and conduct risk assessments.

  • Optimizing and accelerating projects. Through our functional expertise across all aspects of capital projects and operations, we offer both targeted initiatives and broad, long-term support to optimize project spend and operations, prioritize projects and investments across a project portfolio and accelerate delivery by working alongside our clients, building the capabilities of client teams and also serving as project managers.

We make it a practice to continuously engage with our clients to understand their opportunities and challenges over the lifetime of our partnership together. We do not view our relationships through the lens of a project but rather dedicate ourselves to our client’s overall success. We value meaningful collaboration and enjoy exploring possibilities for the future. To ensure we are accomplishing this and meeting expectations, we seek ongoing feedback from our clients using objective sources such as targeted surveys or outreach discussions. A priority for us, this process is championed and led directly by our Chief Executive Officer. We are committed to complete transparency and encourage an environment of mutual trust and communication. We care about our client’s success.


Project Management

We help clients with capital productivity in all business areas, project types, and stages: portfolio optimization, project concept and design, construction, contract and contractor management, contract close-out, and commissioning support.

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