Engaging Regulators and Stakeholders

We help energy companies understand market developments, engage constructively in regulatory debates, and strengthen their capabilities for managing stakeholders. Energy markets face major uncertainties. Will growth in renewables hit technical limits? What role will shale gas, nuclear power, and coal play in meeting future energy needs? How will spiraling consumer demand in China and India affect global fuel and materials supply? To assess the value at stake, energy players need to understand current and emerging regulatory frameworks and translate broad trends into specific implications for markets.

We help private companies and public-sector bodies make better-informed strategic decisions through a deeper understanding of the evolution of power markets, technological developments, and global, national, and local energy landscapes. Supported by experts in technology development, fuel markets, and clean tech, our teams work closely with clients to develop and interpret scenarios, benchmark performance against industry peers, and strengthen internal capabilities for managing market uncertainty.

We bring deep expertise in simulating the evolution of power markets and assessing the implications for long-term portfolio planning, asset valuation, and investment. We help generators, energy companies, end users, investors, and regulators to understand shifts in the fuel mix and wholesale market structures and capture opportunities while mitigating risks. We help clients anticipate and respond to regulatory changes resulting from coal retirements and other forms of industry restructuring, as well as technological and policy developments in renewables, transmission, smart grid, and tariffs.

Publicly-Traded Companies

The financial services industry is undergoing sweeping changes driven by regulatory developments and continued consolidation in the sector. The lines among traditionally discrete business areas have become less clear. Our consultants have long-standing relationships with industry regulators and are experienced in helping clients complete compliance activities efficiently and cost-effectively. From setup to structuring, product development, management, operational support, and representation in contentious matters, we can deliver swift, seamless, and sophisticated assistance.

Commodity-Backed Securities

Commodity markets are entering a new era, one in which the forces of growth have shifted. For thirty years, the expansion of the world’s financial assets was driven primarily by rapid increases in equities and private debt securities in mature global markets such as the United States, Europe, and China. For several decades, the dominant story about the emerging global economy maintained that all the fluctuations had a rational basis.

During the bubble years, the story also held that any risk arising from assets such as houses and subprime mortgages could be managed through complex financial devices like securitization and derivatives, which were largely unregulated. As the new story about Wall Street took hold, the life drained out of financial markets. Housing prices sank, the demand for exotic products collapsed, and the credit crunch began.

There is no question that forecasting earnings with any degree of accuracy one, two, or even three years into the future is difficult. But if the unpredictable nature of companies’ fortunes and the fallibility of human foresight were the only factors in play, one might expect that any inaccuracies in broker forecasts would be fairly randomly spread, canceling one another out over time.


Executive Leadership

 Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

 Mr. Anthony Edwards

Mr. Anthony Edwards

Market and Trading Risk

With our client experience and significant investments in leading-edge macroeconomic research, we bring unparalleled knowledge of the global economic landscape and a deep understanding of the different local and regional contexts in which our clients operate. We help improve overall investment performance using a simplified and streamlined approach tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and situation.