A Winning Formula for a New Era in Telecoms

Global and regional telecom players face an increasing number of critical challenges, from traffic monetization to capital and labor productivity in mature markets to intensified competition in developing and emerging markets. We help a wide range of participants to understand these trends, including equipment and systems manufacturers, fixed- and mobile-service providers, and content and applications players. Our global practice serves incumbent companies in both mature and emerging markets, as well as new entrants in rapidly evolving markets in Asia and Africa. Given this broad perspective, our team can provide companies with uniquely informed strategic insight.

Driving Investment in Telecoms Infrastructure

Disintermediation, consolidation, global expansion, and the need for cross-industry alliances mean that many telecom companies need to strengthen their leadership and internal capabilities and evolve their highly complex, sometimes rigid structures to better meet the current challenges and needs of the marketplace. Our telecom organization team helps telecom companies of all sizes and at different points in their development wrestle with these ongoing issues. We also provide support to discrete efforts such as post-merger management and new organizational design implementation.

Telecom executives realize their companies need specific processes and capabilities to contend with the changes buffeting the telecom industry as well as execute their corporate strategies well. We work with telecoms to implement the right organization models, closecapability gaps through targeted development or acquisition, refine talent-management processes, and align culture and behaviors to reflect market and customer needs.

Establishing Governance

We provide our telecom clients with unique expertise, diagnostics, and models that help deliver on their customer value proposition as well as identify and rationalize operational investments to improve margins and process efficiency. We provide direct support to client-process teams to enhance and deepen the capabilities that will deliver sustainable, significant value for their own organizations, their business partners, and their customers.

A significant portion of our operations work for telecom operators entails improving the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations or customer-care and sales operations, and improving capability building in, for example, the procurement or business-support function. We also help clients in improving product-development and innovation processes and reducing overall operating expenses. Teams working with telecom clients build capabilities in client organizations to achieve sustained and substantial business impact.


Executive Leadership

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

Mrs. Linda Colette

Mrs. Linda Colette

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