Procurement: Optimize for Productivity

Rapid growth in emerging markets is causing a dramatic increase in demand for resources, and supplies of many raw materials have become more difficult to secure. Commodity prices are likely to continue to rise and will remain volatile. Manufacturers are already feeling the effects in their operations and bottom lines, and these challenges will persist, if not intensify. But companies that take steps to increase resource productivity could unlock significant value and thus minimize costs while establishing greater operational stability. Depending on where they are located on the production circle, companies should prioritize four broad areas for resource productivity: production, product design, value recovery, and supply chain management.

To support the building of sustainable enterprises, we have developed a diagnostic tool that identifies opportunities to promote growth through new products, markets, and the composition of the business portfolio; improves return on capital through sustainable value chains and sustainable operations; and manages risk whether regulatory, or operational.

Thoughtful Integration of Operations and Strategy

Our teams combine the comprehensive business understanding that underpins all Burk disciplines with practical operations expertise in diverse industries worldwide. We have served thousands of clients globally across the whole range of industrial and institutional segments, including automotive, finance, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, energy, high tech and basic materials.

Our clients achieve impact faster through flexible, tailored solutions delivered by senior experts with the aid of a suite of unique proprietary resources, ranging from rapid diagnostic tools to on-site training facilities. We enable clients to make sustainable improvements to their business performance by building capabilities, engaging with all levels and functions within the organization and emphasizing continuous learning.

Our global network allows us to deliver targeted, specialized knowledge and solutions to our clients around the world. We bridge the gap between strategy and operations in a way no other firm can. We bring our clients the best thinking of our whole organization on the forces shaping the future of business, culture and society.

Unparalleled Expertise Worldwide

Poor collaboration and silo thinking have long thwarted the efforts of companies to get more from their supply chains. In a future characterized by rising complexity and uncertainty, solving this perennial problem will change from a valuable performance enhancer to a competitive necessity. Creating a sustainable enterprise involves transforming the entire value chain, from the supply of materials to design, operations, and end-of-life management. We help uncover opportunities and risks, set priorities, and launch coherent implementation programs.

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

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We work closely with owners and contractors to achieve higher lifecycle returns for their large capital projects, in less time and with greater predictability, by moving from traditional management to a activity-focused project approach for end-to-end project delivery.

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