Burk Construction, Inc.

Serving both public- and private-sector clients, and working across a broad range of industries, Burk Construction utilizes experience and innovation to deliver superior, award-winning results. The company's self-perform capabilities and capacity to provide the necessary supervision, manpower, equipment, and materials, enables it to tackle some of the nation’s most complex infrastructure projects. Burk Construction has built a reputation for providing cost-effective construction solutions, and ensuring quality and safety at every stage of a project’s life-cycle. Burk Construction is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burk Holding Company. Together, the companies provides a comprehensive range of design, engineering, and construction services that are tailored to meet the clients' needs.

Burk Government Contracting

An affiliate of Burk Holding Company, Burk Gov is a leading vertically integrated developer and asset manager of public buildings and infrastructure. From state-of-the-art research and judicial facilities to massive transportation projects, Burk Gov is skilled at bringing much-needed projects to reality through public-private partnership and turnkey development solutions. Burk Gov— a specialized contractor with capabilities that range from self-performance to technology consultancy — offers expertise in all manner of heavy civil construction, from highways and railways to airports and water treatment facilities. Led by experienced technical professionals and supported by a multidisciplinary team, Burk Gov works directly with clients to develop innovative, tailor-made solutions. Burk Gov has the capability and scale to deliver large, long-term, and complex projects.

Burk Technology Group

A technology contractor and wholly-owned subsidiary of Burk Holding Company, Burk Technology Group serves as the company’s central point of contact for customized design, installation, and support for IT services for new construction and renovations. Burk Technology Group understands the intricacies of integrating information technologies with construction. With capabilities that include designing and building technical systems for smart workplaces, updating and installing new networking and computing environments, and providing a full range of support services. They help clients with capital productivity in project types, and stages: portfolio optimization, project concept and design, contract and contractor management, contract close-out, and commissioning support. They help clients reassess the logic for allocating capital expenditure (capex) throughout the business and redesign planning and budgeting processes to link project funding to corporate strategy and value-creation potential. 

Burk Estates and Acquisitions

From residential sales and lettings to property management and acquisitions, Burk Estates offers a unique portfolio of exclusive and sought-after properties. We take a holistic approach to address the pricing potential and sales and marketing strategy. Such commissions call on our expertise – assessing what is available both on- and off-market – to find your new home or investment.

Burk Venture-Capital Management, Ltd.

Burk Venture-Capital Management, a division of the Burk Holding Company, designs and executes strategic financing solutions, providing impartial, expert advice to large and mid-sized corporations, private equity, families and entrepreneurs, and governments. Through its unrivalled network of industry and financing specialists, Burk Venture-Capital Management business combines the breadth of its advisory offering with a high volume of transactions to achieve a unique understanding and perspective into markets and participants worldwide.