Transformational Strategies: A Citizen-Centric Approach

Government agencies are among the most complex organizations in the world. In the current fiscal environment, they face increasing pressure to deliver more services at lower costs. Working in collaboration with senior leaders, we help public-sector organizations set visions for strategic outcomes, build robust fact bases, rigorously assess options under uncertainty, design actionable plans, win support from key stakeholders, and evaluate progress from design through execution to ensure that their strategies have lasting impact.

Drawing on insights from the private sector and decades of public-sector work, we support clients on a range of strategic topics, including identifying social, economic, and technological trends; synchronizing budgeting and strategic-planning processes; designing stakeholder-engagement plans; and creating innovation programs at scale. We advise public-sector agencies varying in size, scope, and geography.

Operational improvements can help organizations create sustainable and substantial improvements in productivity. We offer proven techniques for eliminating waste, variability, and inflexibility in operations—such as lean and Six Sigma—to our work with government departments and agencies. Although many of these techniques were pioneered in the manufacturing industry, we have found them readily applicable in public-sector agencies—from those with processes that resemble manufacturing to those (e.g., policy-making bodies) for which such techniques are less obviously relevant.

We have helped government institutions achieve results similar in magnitude to those achieved by private-sector institutions—productivity improvements of five to ten percent. In so doing, our public-sector clients have simultaneously improved customer and employee satisfaction and used the resources they have saved to better fulfill their missions to the public. Our work in public finance covers a wide range of tasks, from examining macroeconomic trends and performing expenditure analysis to assessing and quantifying risk, redesigning infrastructure, and exploring new methods of revenue generation.

Reorganization and Restructuring

We help governments and public-sector organizations design and implement large-scale strategies that promote economic development and inclusive growth. Although more than seventy percent of our work is in emerging economies, we also help public-sector institutions in advanced economies solve complex development challenges. Our strength lies in our unique ability to marry a client’s strategic vision with the operational and technological initiatives necessary to actualize that vision, including IT infrastructure consolidation, application rationalization, IT mega-project value assurance, and lean IT.

We are also versatile in work related to defense and security. For instance, we help clients develop and execute strategic plans, analyze organizational behavior, explore new methods to improve operational efficiency, and redesign and implement IT infrastructure and systems. We have access to proprietary research, tools, and approaches that have been successfully applied in various public- and private-sector contexts around the world.

The Burk Center for Government’s research on core management functions, for example, helps public-sector defense and security leaders understand the practices that drive better management decisions. Our goal is to deliver results by ensuring that all employees understand the purpose of the implementation and how their daily work will change. As such, we work with top client managers to design a vision for each transformation and align on priorities, ensuring that this message and action carries through to the front line.

Nothing about our approach to transformations is especially novel or complex. It is not a formula reserved for the most able people and companies, but we know from experience that it works only for the most willing.


Executive Leadership

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

Mrs. Linda Coletta

Mrs. Linda Coletta


Our implementation and integration consultants work side-by-side with our industry and functional experts, adding a vital new dimension to our traditional consulting work. We provide ongoing coaching or part-time onsite support to promote continuous improvement.

Our key insight is that to achieve real improvement, companies need to raise their ambitions, develop different skills, challenge existing mind-sets, and commit fully to execution.