Social Innovation, Politics, and Policy

Social innovation is about applying new approaches, refining existing practices, and bringing powerful tools to bear in solving the world’s most pressing challenges. Our work has four main strands:

Shaping social-sector organizations: We help leading and emerging social-sector organizations and individual philanthropists to define their strategic roadmap and create the right organization and operating model to achieve their vision. We also work with family businesses to develop social impact strategies for their companies and their families. 

Advancing corporate social engagement: We work with companies to define and improve their social engagement strategies to secure greater impact for their businesses and for society. We help top global corporations—and many more national and regional enterprises—to reinvent their philanthropic approaches to better align with their business strategies and capabilities.

Government Social Impact Bonds: Our work seeks to harness the power of collaboration between businesses, governments, and social enterprises to address social challenges more effectively, and on a wider scale. Both secular and faith-based nongovernmental organizations are paid to deliver government activity. They deliver support in areas such as health, aged care, disability, social housing, out-of-home child care, unemployment services, and education. These outsourced arrangements have been driven by economics.

Developing innovative approaches: We develop practices and mechanisms to enhance social innovation, including financial models, prizes, advocacy models, and tools for assessing impact. In the past year, we have helped cities design new competitions on improving resilience and finding innovative solutions to urban challenges.

Financial Inclusion

Half the world is unbanked: two billion adults are excluded from formal financial services. Lacking access to payments, savings, credit, and insurance products, they are profoundly vulnerable to job losses, failed harvests, and other shocks. The availability of sound, affordable, and accessible financial services would enable them to guard against risk, protect their families, and invest in their future.

We draw on deep expertise in banking, telecommunications, retail, and other industries to support clients in extending affordable, high-quality financial services to lower-income households and businesses. Working with leaders across the public, private, and social sectors, we help design and launch payments, savings, loans, and insurance products and services that enhance people's well being and are economically sustainable over the long term. In addition to our client work, we commit extensive resources to building knowledge and shaping the global debate on financial inclusion. 

Progress toward financial inclusion depends on innovations in technology, regulation, and business models. In our private-sector projects, we work on the ground with banks, mobile phone operators, and technology providers to design economically sustainable business models capable of quickly reaching scale and achieving global impact. We support clients in developing customers’ knowledge and skills to help them make sound decisions and take control of their financial lives.


Executive Leadership

Mr. JamesMoore

Mr. JamesMoore

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

Delivering New Tools

We help donors, foundations, and agencies to develop and implement strategies for their philanthropic work, and support corporations in their efforts to become more strategic in their social engagement. Our reach and resources are second to none. We bring broad global experience and relationships, a global network of talented people, distinctive expertise and capabilities, and purpose-built tools and methods.