Designing a System that Works

As institutions that fulfil cultural, civic, and educational needs, they symbolize the core values of a society. But education systems worldwide are facing enormous challenges—including budget pressures, low graduation rates, declining research productivity, and increasing numbers of graduates ill-equipped to enter the workforce. By identifying best practices, gathering benchmark data, and partnering with experts to generate new insights, we help stakeholders in education deliver substantial and lasting improvements in individual, social, and economic outcomes. Our research helps education leaders navigate the challenges that arise during their transformation journeys. Our experts continually seek to generate new insights into questions that are of the utmost importance for school-system leaders:

  • Where are we with regard to performance and how can we improve?

  • Is our system able to deliver on reform initiatives, and if not, what do we need ?

  • What interventions have other school systems used to improve their performance?

These questions can help school systems understand their current performance, identify the highest-impact opportunities for change, design appropriate improvement strategies, and execute those strategies at scale.

Transformative Methodologies

Our cutting-edge research and tools help transform education systems and institutions to improve individual, social, and economic outcomes. At the heart of our research in higher education is the development of a benchmarking database containing performance metrics in a range of critical areas—such as student outcomes and employment, instructional models, cost efficiency, capital planning, research productivity, and organizational health—from public and private higher-education institutions worldwide. This research is responsive to trends shaping the higher-education landscape, including students’ changing needs and expectations, the increase in nontraditional students, and innovations in delivery.

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

We support owners planning construction projects by developing business cases aligned with their long-term strategic objectives, by ensuring rapid and effective decision making through our proprietary Facility Management System, and by performing key analyses to monitor the progress, economics, and risk associated with the project. During the construction phase, we take a hands-on approach to help select and manage contractors, optimize procurement strategies, and monitor the overall execution of the project,. All the while, we ensure the client’s objective—delivering this project on time and within budget—remains the top priority.

Our integrated team of designers, planners and thought leaders shape learning through our strong culture of collaboration and client partnerships. Our higher education partners can realize targeted results for academics, student life, athletics, recruitment, retention, physical asset management, medical and science facilities.