Getting Mo(o)re out of Semiconductor Research and Development

Semiconductors are powering more and more of the things that surround us in our everyday lives, and they evolve with breathtaking speed. It’s a challenging business because semiconductor development projects are long and complex, but semiconductor technology life cycles are often measured in months.

We work with capital equipment manufacturers, fabless companies, integrated-device manufacturers and foundry companies, as well as adjacent players. Working across the semiconductor industry, we help our clients transform and grow. We have deep functional expertise across the value chain, including product development, manufacturing, purchasing, and supply. We also cover all geographies and functional areas to help our clients address challenges and find opportunities for growth.

Designing Operational Improvement Programs

Integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) need to conduct efficient and high-value research and identify the most promising pockets of market growth. The industry segment being served by IDMs is quite fragmented, which makes it more complicated to identify the best strategic channels. At the same time, they need to contain manufacturing costs. Our specialists blend deep advanced technical expertise with rigorous business training, and help IDMs find the right balance. We help IDMs in a number of areas: optimizing advanced research and development efforts, restructuring budgeting processes, increasing the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, improving time-to-market of product development, and defining merger strategies for an era of industry consolidation.

Capital Equipment Manufacturers

We help capital equipment companies stay at the forefront of modern semiconductor technology. Whether it’s keeping up with the pace of Moore’s Law via the latest innovations in lithography, etching, or new mask sets, or navigating the cyclical nature of the sector, we address these challenges and define technology strategies that bring the future into sharp focus. We use our cross-industry supply-chain expertise to help navigate the sector’s ever-larger and more complex supply chains.

Our expertise and global scale allow us to bring a fundamentally different approach to serving clients in the semiconductor sector. We have an unparalleled track record of delivering results across a wide range of topics. We can address strategic challenges, such as developing growth strategies or go-to-market strategies, but we also have expertise in portfolio strategy, sales excellence and large-scale transformation programs. Our operations expertise extends from capital productivity, to product development processes and research and development efficiency.


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