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Our consultants bring a deep understanding of the client’s industry, technology trends, and business needs to develop an IT strategy that will support and enable broader business goals. We help support strategy execution by designing the right models, decision-making processes, incentives, and metrics. We use several proprietary tools to help diagnose our clients’ strategies and improve governance, all of which are backed by unique data sets we have developed.

Developing Successful Portfolio and Asset Strategies

We help clients develop enterprise portfolio strategies tightly aligned to corporate priorities, and we help to design organization and governance approaches to deliver the highest value. We help information technology functions create global organizational structures that strike the right balance between supporting technical depth and providing processes and services that span multiple technologies. We assist leading institutions in optimizing their environments to operate at scale. Our global technology practice works with clients in all areas of rapidly evolving industries, procurement, and in all phases of the product life cycle. We help our clients with critical global issues—primarily strategy, operations, and enterprise project management.

Portfolio Alignment

Helping our clients decipher their true source of value allows an organization to align itself and shape its portfolio to better suit its unique competencies, while abandoning offerings that impede performance. Our work with high-tech companies extends to deal support beyond valuation and strategy to encompass all phases of due diligence. We support clients in analyzing and understanding characteristics of their balance sheet both under normal and stressful circumstances. We also help clients refine their funds transfers on liquidity-modeling results. We perform liquidity risk modeling at an enterprise-wide level and for specific businesses as well.

Performance Improvement Diagnostic

Company leaders worldwide are feeling increasing pressure to improve the performance of their businesses. The challenge is to identify the key initiatives that will make the competitive difference. Our performance improvement diagnostic allows any company to perform a comprehensive review to identify the right issues that frame the opportunity for improvement, define a company’s market position and set achievable goals.

Process Transformation Effectiveness

Whether building a prototype to visualize a strategy, creating custom-built apps and analytics, or embarking on agile transformations, we help clients capture business value from their ideas and initiatives. Topics covered include enterprise resource planning and project planning programs, ensuring fast and predictable results in renewal efforts, and driving portfolio choices that are appropriate to serve business needs.


Related Practices

Managing strategy and stakeholders includes ensuring continuous alignment of the project with the business strategy and value objectives, detailed analysis of stakeholder positions, vendor management, and proactive risk identification and mitigation.

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