Sanctions and National Security

What do you get when you add slower economic growth, greater volatility, and rising competition to more international flights and genuine innovation?

March 2015 | by Mr. John Olivier, Chief Investment Officer

In today's expanding global economy, our clients increasingly need access to superior and knowledgeable advice on compliance and enforcement issues related to export controls and regulations. Our team of economic sanctions professionals, which includes former government enforcement officials from various agencies, is uniquely qualified to assist companies with a broad array of regulatory and compliance issues, including determining how these regulations apply to their products, software, technology, and services; preparing for and conducting civil and criminal government investigations and enforcement actions; and developing compliance policies and procedures to prevent such investigations and actions.

Our clients, which range from large multinational companies to public agencies, and are leaders in a wide variety of sophisticated technologies, including telecommunications and satellites, semiconductor design and manufacture, maritime and ports, electronic equipment, sensors, encryption, and defense. Through our work with these clients, we have developed a nuanced understanding of how export control and economic sanctions issues affect products and services in these and other industry sectors. We advise clients on compliance with the export administration regulations, international traffic in arms regulations, and trade and economic sanctions administered by the office of foreign assets control. Our professionals regularly work with companies to resolve complex classification issues, design compliance programs tailored to specific client needs, provide employee compliance training, prepare voluntary disclosures, assist with transactional due diligence, and conduct internal audits and investigations.

Protectionist: Government Policies

As homeland security concerns increase, they affect a wider variety of our clients’ corporate and investment transactions, including exports, funds transfers, securities issuance and underwriting, international trade, insurance, and inbound and outbound direct-investment transactions. Because national security interests are broadly defined and foreign policy highly fluid, private-sector success often depends on familiarity with rapidly changing standards that are rarely captured in written governmental policies or regulations. 

We have advised large financial institutions and other companies in connection with some of the most prominent enforcement actions brought by United States financial regulators, the Department of Justice and the Security and Exchange Commission involving sanctions, anti-money laundering, and anticorruption issues. We regularly advise companies in administrative enforcement-related matters, before the United States Justice Department, the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry, the State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, and the Treasury Department.


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Ms Anna Sullivan

Ms Anna Sullivan