A Tradition of Craftsmanship

While the Builder's tools have changed dramatically through the years, there is no substitute for the craftsmanship with which those tools are used. Every person we bring to the construction site carries with them a tradition of skill and experience. Structural Integrity without compromise. Flawless Fit and Finish. Quality workmanship cannot be achieved without an obsession for details. A Builder should possess a sense of mission for a Structure's Design and Function.

Passion for our Clients' Success

Over the long term, the quality of client service offered by a firm determines its growth and success. We have grown from a small firm to a large global institution, while many other firms initially better positioned in many ways have struggled or even failed. There must be an explanation for this success other than simply the skill of our employees, for we clearly do not have a monopoly on smart employees. We believe that the way we have applied our foundation values in Firm management and governance is an important reason for our success in satisfying client needs, and that success–in satisfying client needs–is the entire reason for the Firm’s growth over the years.

Exceptional Service

Our Firm has been handling the most challenging assignments for the most interesting clients, throughout our history, by delivering consistently high-quality services. Our success as a firm is based on our ability to help clients consistently meet their business objectives on a timely and cost-effective basis. We have pursued a client-focused strategy to ensure that we have and continue to develop experts in specific fields who can provide greater value because of their depth of knowledge. Our goal is to provide value for each client, which includes knowledge of existing issues on the horizon; innovation and creativity to help solve difficult problems; significant experience with key regulators and their processes to anticipate issues in advance and develop strategies to avoid or minimize those regulatory obstacles; and access to a wide range of other parties, such as investment bankers and other experts, that may need to be called upon for a client.

Winning Track Record on Mandates That Matter

We work together on a task-force basis on all of our matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise across practice areas.  Our partners come from the ranks of our own associates. Our policy is to take the most talented students and entrust their training only to ourselves. We rotate our associates at all levels of seniority among different groups within their department to develop broad expertise in all our practice areas. This combination of natural talent, common training and broad experience produces partners and associates who consistently perform at the very top of the profession.

Deep Commitment to Your Success

For our clients, the system enables them to obtain the very best thinking from generalists; with a broad perspective and a thorough understanding and who have trained not only in a host of industries, but also in a wide range of practices. It also ensures that clients will always get the best possible advice on their matter. Our clients are served by professionals steeped in the distinctive traditions.