Public Sector Design

Our Public Sector Practice serves public institutions of all types: states and governments, operators and agencies, regulators, public enterprises, and international organizations. The Public Sector Practice has carried out more than 2,000 engagements worldwide, involving challenges in the areas of strategy, organization, operations, IT, finance, and risk management. 

Our work encompasses all major public policy areas, particularly education, public finance, health care, defense, security, and justice. In all of our consulting engagements, we stress the need to involve public sector officials and develop capabilities within the client’s organization, thus ensuring a lasting impact and an established base for continuous improvement. The Public Sector Practice is also committed to developing our thinking on public services. We created the Burk Center for Government (BCG), our global hub for research, collaboration, and innovation in the public sector. Drawing on a network of our specialized practitioners and external experts, BCG provides public sector decision makers and managers with a special opportunity to reflect and learn from each other. 

We also help large organizations, NGOs, and foundations all over the world address the most pressing societal challenges. We draw on all of our expertise to strengthen our clients’ abilities to deliver meaningful and sustainable change. We are active in many emerging countries on issues of economic development, including growth strategy, employment, training, agriculture, rural development, green growth, financial inclusion, and development cooperation. We also advise emerging countries on issues related to education, public health, social innovation, and sustainable development. 

Aerospace and Defense

Our Aerospace and Defense Practice is ideally positioned to assist companies in responding to their most critical challenges. These include optimizing portfolio strategies, driving growth, improving operational performance, and increasing supply chain agility. Further, because aerospace and defense companies must constantly innovate to maintain their leadership in a fiercely competitive international market, we concentrate on R&D centers. We help to increase efficiency in development processes and reduce project times so that innovations reach the market faster. 

Our Aerospace and Defense Practice comprises more than 500 experienced consultants worldwide and more than 100 specialists who worked in the industry prior to joining Burk. We advise more than 75 percent of the twenty-five largest global aerospace and defense groups. We also work with a number of defense agencies, both in developed and emerging countries, helping them to better adapt to new security challenges. Our experience includes optimizing equipment acquisitions, transforming defense logistics, improving supply chain performance, and conducting defense budget audits.


Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

Productivity Solutions

We help companies create dynamic performance measurement with a focus on what really matters to the business. We build dashboards that serve as barometers of ongoing business performance and help companies devise tailored compensation systems that will reward actions and behaviors that advance the organization's goals and drive decision effectiveness. more