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The Burk Productivity Sciences Center, linked to our global Operations practice, works with companies in both the private and public sectors to benchmark their productivity—of labor, resources, capital expenditure, and land—against global best practice, and then design and deliver programs for substantial and sustained productivity improvement.

Sustained productivity improvement lies at the core of growth and economic development for companies and nations, and has been identified as a priority by business and government leaders globally. The Productivity Sciences Center builds on Burk’s extensive global research and client work on the topic, to assist companies in key sectors in Asia to raise their productivity to best-in-class levels.

The Center has three main focus areas:

  • Research: We are building a rigorous productivity knowledge base—on the current performance of key sectors in the region, on global best practice, and on innovative pathways to ramp up productivity. This helps companies “set the bar” for their own productivity improvement aspirations.
  • Solutions: We have developed a suite of proprietary diagnostic tools to help companies sift through data and create a precise picture of the current productivity of their people, assets and investments; benchmark it against their sector, country, and global top performers; and identify gaps in productivity.
  • Delivery: We work in partnership with our companies to apply and implement solutions and capture productivity gains. We prototype and test-bed innovative new approaches—including cutting-edge technology-based solutions—and build the capability of senior and middle managers, including through targeted productivity training modules.

The Center’s work to date has focused on these sectors:

  • Construction. We are building a comprehensive construction productivity benchmark database, to help companies drive project productivity improvement across multiple levers—including project management and planning, value engineering, and materials management.
  • Manufacturing. Our work includes plant location optimization; additive manufacturing and scale-up of new technologies such as 3D printing; advance analytics; and benchmarking of operational productivity.
  • Retail and food services. Our research covers key innovations in retail productivity, from the customer-facing frontline to back office operations

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Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

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