Quality and Compliance

In a world of increasing complexity and regulation, quality is an often-untapped source of competitive advantage. Superior quality and flawless compliance can help companies dramatically reduce quality-related costs, improve their brand perception, and improve revenues. We define quality as consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint. We help clients design and conduct quality transformations and remediation programs in a broad range of industries.

Over time, organizations of all kinds—whether manufacturers or service providers, governments or not-for-profits—become awfully complicated. Lean management helps them engage all of their people, at every level, to help the entire organization work better: delivering more for customers, building stronger capabilities, finding new and better ways of working, and renewing a sense of common purpose.  Our transformation-based approach spans the complete value chain and product life cycle, from product development to sales and service.

Advanced Operations Group

Our Advanced Operations Group (AOG) is an exceptional team of accomplished professionals with deep functional and industry experience from the very best companies in the world. The AOG provides distinctive knowledge and capability support to ensure our clients receive the best solutions to their biggest challenges, and provides perspectives from multiple industries and functions that help our teams drive their best results. The AOG works directly with the firm's clients and our Client Support Teams to develop and deploy the world's finest operations capabilities.

Global Insights and Support

We support clients developing global manufacturing strategies with insight into global macroeconomic, factor cost, and strategic industry sector developments. Working together with our manufacturing group, we investigate production and technological drivers of footprint decisions such as economies of scale, specialization benefits of production technology, and the tailoring of production process technologies to local factor cost and skill conditions. We can provide simple scenario evaluation to mathematical optimization of entire value chains, including impact of supply chain elements like logistics, inventory, and international trade-related costs. We also support site selection and negotiations with local authorities, tactical sequencing and communication strategies, and a wide range of practical footprint transformation best practices.

Change Management

The implementation of supply chain solutions can be the most challenging step of supply chain improvements, particularly when the people and processes affected typically span several functions, organizations, and countries. We offer practical support via a range of tailored and proven intervention and transformation approaches designed to achieve both short-term impact and long-term sustainability.


Related Practices

We help clients achieve significant and sustainable improvement in their quality performance, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

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