Prudential Oversight and Standards for Financial Systems

The corporate banking industry is in a period of uncertainty and transition, with banks still searching for sustainable models in the context of intense regulatory activity and capital challenges. Our practice has a proven record of innovation and impact working with capital markets and investment banking institutions to define strategies and priorities for a new banking era. We work with a diverse set of banking and non-banking institutions, including universal banks, securities firms, national banks, exchanges, and information providers. Our work encompasses overall strategies for the wholesale business and for specific products, client segments and geographies; organizational issues; performance improvement; and mergers and alliances. We also undertake work on client issues in information technology, risk management, branding and customer relationship management.

We help a broad range of banking and consumer finance firms navigate a dynamically changing environment, in which regulatory constraints, consumer deleveraging and evolving channel dynamics present significant obstacles to profitability. Portfolio projects are customized, with scale and timing driven by client need. Our services range from rapid assessments of portfolio company business functions to comprehensive turnaround of performance, redesigning processes, operations, and products from the ground up. Our approach to supporting clients is customized and collaborative, and combines deep industry expertise and experience with proprietary quantitative analytics and research. We help banks build the capabilities they need to succeed in the long term.

 Infrastructure Financing Instruments and Incentives

In an era of rapid technological change, we offer a range of services to help financial services firms improve business performance, reduce operational risk and develop compelling value propositions for their customers. Our global network of practitioners and dedicated experts augment their work with a robust proprietary knowledge base comprised of research, benchmarks and tools. We focus with clients on IT effectiveness and strategy; improving back-office performance; smart-sourcing; risk management; sales and marketing effectiveness; and large-scale program management. Our value proposition is concentrated on formulating solutions that create business value, both as architects of innovative solutions and as implementation co-managers.

Allocation and Diversification

Our global network of deeply experienced insurance partners work with property and casualty (P&C), life insurance, and reinsurance carriers, industry associations, brokers, and other institutions to address issues on topics including strategy, organization, operations, technology, marketing, sales, and risk. We focus on core operating capabilities and help clients take a long-term, through-cycle view of the evolving regulatory landscape. 

Our expertise in P&C insurance encompasses claims management, where we work with clients to reduce costs through high-quality processes; underwriting, where we help commercial lines carriers improve their technical results; and operations and technology, supporting insurers with operating model review and redesign, outsourcing and offshoring, and infrastructure consolidation. We help life insurers optimize capital and use value creation as a key metric; we provide insights on branding strategy, sales force performance improvement, and distribution; and we help clients assess the impact of regulatory change.

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

We have an unparalleled end-to-end view of risk management processes, combined with a proven digital delivery capability and market-leading expertise and methodologies in data management and analytics. These capabilities, along with deep operational expertise across a range of sectors, leading-edge technology experience, and a finger on the pulse of emerging innovations in financial technology and regulatory technology, make us an invaluable partner for our clients.


Executive Leadership

Mr. Daniel Harrell

Mr. Daniel Harrell

Mr. Anthony Edwards

Mr. Anthony Edwards

Multilateral Transactions

We help investment banking clients meet a wide range of strategic, organizational, and operational demands. We work with retail banks and consumer finance firms to navigate a dynamic environment of evolving regulation, consumer behavior and digital innovation. We help leading insurers across the globe meet their strategic and operational goals. We help financial services firms navigate operations and IT challenges from the back office to the front line.