Portfolio Strategy and Value Creation

In a world of increasingly efficient capital markets, multibusiness companies no longer add value simply by providing access to capital. They must add value by applying their unique set of corporate skills or competencies to each business unit in their portfolio. These core competencies include those that drive the performance of existing businesses, such as financial performance management, planning and scheduling, or operations. They also include those that identify new sources of growth, such as mergers, acquisitions, alliances, enterprise strategy, or new project development.

To build a balanced portfolio and reignite growth, companies must finely calibrate their current mix of assets, capabilities, and processes. We have developed a proprietary Value Assurance methodology that we have applied at both public- and private-sector clients across a range of industries. This distinctive approach combines a broad and coherent view of an IT project, a focus on business value, and an emphasis on transferring capabilities to client teams.

The scope of our data, the interpretive force of our models, and the rigor of the processes applied by our analytics experts equip leaders to build a clearer and more detailed picture of the world, make better-informed and more robust decisions, and introduce greater transparency into direction setting.

Strength in Four Dimensions

  • Managing Strategy and Stakeholders includes ensuring continuous alignment of the project with the business strategy and value objectives, detailed analysis of stakeholder positions, vendor management, and proactive risk mitigation.

  • Mastering Technology and Content means addressing both the technical and nontechnical aspects of the project, including IT architecture and infrastructure design, functionality design, quality assurance, migration and rollout plans, and project scope management.

  • Building Teams and Capabilities draws on our track record and expertise to ensure alignment with the project’s goals at each organizational level, and to support end-to-end change management. We also provide the client’s project team with specific training modules and coaching on hard and soft skills.

  • Delivering Best-Practice Project Management includes setting up a Value Assurance Office, creating rigorous processes for managing change requests and resolving issues, managing the project’s master plan, and setting up a reporting system and quality gates.

To kick-start a Value Assurance project, we run a diagnostic that reveals critical challenges and areas of strength in each dimension. A follow-up client workshop discusses findings and develops next steps. For some clients this might be an "emergency" response, calling for a 6-week project; others may be more suited to a multiyear sustained project.

Powerful Data and Analytics

We help clients deliver critical IT projects on time and within budget. Our proven methodology also ensures that organizations capture the maximum business benefits and value. Horizon360 Performance Advisor is a problem solving tool and performance monitoring dashboard for senior management. It provides smart analytics to support decision making during transformations and ongoing IT management.


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