The Burk Infrastructure and Capital Productivity Academy (BICA)

BICA was established in 2012 in the United States jointly by the Burk Operations and the Burk Infrastructure Practice to meet the need for specialist expertise in capital productivity in infrastructure, basic materials, oil and gas, and other capital-intensive industries. In 2014 BICA will also open a second location in London.

In its unique two-year training program, BICA aims at developing specialists in the field of capital productivity and infrastructure projects. The program combines a rigorous theoretical foundation, taught by some of the most experienced practitioners in the world with experience from some of the most important capital projects in the Middle East and beyond (e.g., Africa, Australia, and Europe).

What you will do at BICA

As a member of BICA, you will work on client engagements in international teams around the world. You will develop core consulting skills: identifying issues, forming hypotheses, designing and conducting analyses, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations, presenting them to clients, and helping to implement change. Along the way, close mentoring and coaching will help you build your skills, develop a personal network, and draw on the know-how of your colleagues.

In addition, you will dedicate two to three days a month for training and knowledge development under the leadership of our capital productivity experts. In these training programs, you will gain cutting-edge knowledge of all aspects related to capital project planning, optimization, and execution.

Growth Opportunities

BICA members have access to exceptional growth opportunities:

  • A training program designed to develop future global leaders in capital projects and infrastructure management
  • Close mentoring by capital productivity experts and consultants from other practices in our global network
  • Tenure-specific learning modules aimed at the development of general consulting skills, capital productivity, and industry-specific trainings
  • Participation in the development of new capital productivity knowledge: synthesizing and generalizing the tools and concepts proven in client engagements 

Upon completion of the two-year training program, successful consultants will join our global group of leading experts in capital productivity.

Who you are

  • You have an excellent university degree with a technical or business specialization
  • You demonstrate outstanding analytical and conceptual skills, initiative, creativity, and the ability to work well alone and in a team
  • You have gained professional experience in capital projects or infrastructure, e.g. project concept or design optimization, lean construction, capital project management, infrastructure planning
  • You are excited to travel around the world to deliver impact at flagship capital and infrastructure mega projects

How to Apply

Burk invites applications for consulting positions throughout the year. If you would like to apply for a position in BICA, you may do so online, which is our preferred method, or by post or e-mail. You may apply online.


Our Pedagogy

Our courses focus on what professionals need to be able to do, not just what they need to know – with expert stories communicating the tacit knowledge that is fundamental to expertise and that provide guidance when basic principles “break” in novel situations.

Mr. David Solomon

Mr. David Solomon

An Inaugural Course

We help organizations build competitive advantage through the development of sustainable, world-class project management capabilities.

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