Oracle Primavera Learning Programs for Clients

Based on a decade of research and practice, we bring an integrated set of tools and practices to enable leaders to lead through complex change with greater personal agility and creativity. Our custom onsite workshop is designed as a highly interactive and discussion-oriented session where participants learn from the experience and wisdom of other executives and senior leaders.

We build Custom Programs that fit each organization’s unique context and learning objectives and can transform large groups of leaders and managers. We work with clients to customize content and use a variety of building blocks to create the best participant experience. Our programs are integrated into the client’s existing organizational processes, from talent and performance management to the line organizations' ways of working. Our combination of business and learning expertise uniquely positions us to support both private and public sector clients. Our expert practitioners, supported by an unparalleled Oracle Primavera partnership, deliver program and project management software, training programs, implementation, integration, and cpm scheduling services. 

By combining a strategic perspective with implementation, we help our clients succeed regardless of the context.

We offer a variety of approaches to learning, from on-site training to online professional development. Our educational programs are designed to assist rising professionals and senior teams to develop the capabilities they need to help their organizations thrive. We work with education leaders worldwide to understand the ways in which educational organizations and institutions deliver measurable, meaningful change. Through our partnerships and alliances, we are developing detailed case studies of the best educational practices, building robust benchmarking databases, and producing unique insights into the most complex educational challenges. 

We serve clients at every level of their organizations in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether as trusted advisors to top management or as hands-on coaches for frontline employees. No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results and equipping our clients to grow and lead. Our implementation specialists work directly with clients over long periods to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods. We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice. 

Innovating for Impact

Burk Solutions are practical, intuitive tools that help people at all levels of an organization generate the insights they need to address both strategic and day-to-day decisions. Our solutions complement our traditional client service and are delivered through a range of support models, including subscriptions, workshops, custom on-site training programs, and project-based engagements. We work closely with clients to embed our tools, analytics, and expertise and provide ongoing support to help them build the capabilities they need to revolutionize how decisions are made.

Many organizations fail in the execution of analytics programs because they don’t build the skills and culture needed to embed new analytics capabilities into their business processes. To ensure that our clients are successful—and will continue to thrive long after our work together is complete—we go beyond the delivery of new models to help them build the capabilities they need to sustain their analytics advantage over the long term.

Building Capabilities for Performance

Developing an emotional connection to a slideshow, a memo, or even a presentation can be challenging, at best. To get employees to really feel what you need from them as you undergo any strategic change or take on any new initiative, you must appeal to their emotions. When companies use compelling visual elements that tap both emotions and intellect, employees engage with the story and can articulate it more clearly. 

We have defined three guiding principles for capability building that leaders should keep in mind: (1) training programs should build capabilities that have immediate, on-the-job applications that help participants understand clearly how their new skills will help bring about quantifiable results; (2) effective capability building requires both the development of specific skills in individual employees and the institutionalization of tools, processes, and management infrastructure to sustain change; and (3) a capability-building program must be built on a profound understanding of an organization’s gaps and challenges, thus ensuring that the right capabilities are built at the right levels. 

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s institutional context, sector dynamics, and macroeconomic environment. We know that today’s challenges demand more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Cognitive research has consistently shown that “learning by doing” is the best method—it accelerates learning and enhances retention. Our custom on-site training approach includes building targeted capabilities and then guiding individuals to translate what they have learned into their daily work processes to solve business problems more effectively. The mix of discussion and classroom exploration and on-site coaching ensures that participants have the opportunity to understand and practice new skills and achieve their learning goals. 


Related Practices

Managing stakeholders includes ensuring continuous alignment of the project with the strategy and objectives, detailed analysis of positions, shareholder management, and strategic risk management identification and mitigation.

Signature Approach

We build Custom Programs that fit each organization’s unique context and learning objectives. We work with clients to customize content and use a variety of building blocks to create the best participant experience.

Technical Support

Our Proprietary Diagnostic tools help clients assess their current development efforts and identify opportunities for improvement. We then use this baseline to build improvement programs and interventions.

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