Design-to-Value Program at an Aircraft Manufacturing Company


The aircraft manufacturer needed to build capabilities to design-to-value and analyze parts with > $8bn in 5-year spend over an 18-month period, involving 4 major business groups collaborating across 15 different programs. This highly distributed program required a centralized system to track parts, collect savings ideas from part teardowns, monitor their progress, and report on savings generated.


The team decided to implement Oracle Primavera to:

  • Centralize the management of all parts and savings ideas, including the submission and approval of new savings ideas

  • Report on all key metrics, i.e., parts torn down, ideas generated, and savings potential, to management using custom and standard reports

  • Facilitate daily PMO meetings with status updates

  • Use as a real-time tool in idea generation workshops for recording ideas


Oracle Primavera tracked parts coming into the lab and savings ideas end-to-end and acted as one source of truth for parts status and savings potential, thus ensuring consistent communication to all stakeholders. The aircraft manufacturer is now keen to roll out Wave to other initiatives.

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