A Product Margin Improvement Program at an Automotive and Assembly Company

“Oracle makes it very easy for people across three different sites to work together.”


An automotive and assembly company wanted to improve their existing products margins to fuel expansion and increase volumes. It also wanted to generate savings of 10mn USD p.a., i.e., 10% of addressable costs, across two sites in the US. With the large number of initiatives involved, the company needed a platform that could track, monitor, and report on their progress and facilitate communication between the sites and the teams involved.


With a multi-site project, the team decided to implement Oracle Primavera as the single ‘source of truth’ to ensure consistent information of ~ 1,300 initiatives. In detail, Oracle Primavera helped by:

  • Capturing and tracking initiatives

  • Providing interactive support in meetings to prioritize initiatives and assign ownership

  • Planning and tracking implementation both in terms of timing and impact

  • Reporting on the status of the initiatives and impact generated


Oracle supported the company in achieving ˃ 10mn USD in savings in product costs by:

  • Providing a structured overview of the cost reduction program across multiple teams

  • Enhancing collaboration between different teams

  • Embedding a standardized way of working across the entire organization

  • Ensuring consistency of information and processes across the different sites 


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