Large Aggregates Player in the US Market Launches Major Cost Optimization Program to Prevent Hostile Takeover

“Oracle Primavera introduced a structured approach in a project that had so many moving pieces.”


The basic materials company wanted to avert a hostile takeover and decided to implement huge cost optimization measures across sourcing (5BUs) and G&A (5BUs). It asked the team to identify initiatives to realize 100mn USD in EBITDA. Further, it needed a platform that could monitor and report on the progress of the initiatives and their impact.


The team implemented Oracle Primavera to track the progress of these initiatives and was used to:

  • Capture and track the progress of ˃ 200 initiatives and actions from different functions across the US

  • Instantly generate checklists for the PMO

  • Monitor impact from 2 sets of goals 6 months apart

  • Provide off-the-shelf reports for board meetings


The company managed to prevent the hostile takeover by rolling out an aggressive cost optimization program which generated 100mn USD in EBITDA. Oracle helped it achieve this through:

  • Providing an aggregating tool for initiatives from across different territorial units

  • Delivering an overview of the implementation status of initiatives and actions

  • Tracking the impact of the initiatives

  • Enabling the PMO to have real-time updates on the initiatives and their status

  • Providing the ‘big picture’ to allow timely reactions to prevent delays

  • Supporting board meetings with key information


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