Complex Merger Program at a Beverages Company

“Because Oracle Primavera represents one source of truth, everyone can have access to the latest and most consistent source of information.”


A global beverages company was looking to merge four companies in the Far East and needed support with their complex integration program across 26 different client charter teams organized within 6 functional pillars. They needed a professional project management system which would allow them to monitor and track the end-to-end progress of the program.


The teams implemented Oracle Primavera for both pre-close integration planning and post-close integration execution, specifically:

  • Pre-close integration planning
    • Progress tracking and monitoring ˃ 300 deliverables across 26+ teams
  • Pre-close integration execution
    • Synergy tracking and progress tracking (a new environment was being configured)


Oracle  supported the Integration Management Office with problem solving and process management, enabling them to keep track of the status of deliverables and ensure implementation. It also acted as a reporting tool to present status updates in regular function and senior review meetings and facilitated consistent communication between the multiple teams involved. 

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