Nuclear Generation

The nuclear industry is still growing in Eastern Europe, parts of Asia, and the Middle East even as it contracts in Western Europe and North America. Many generators in Western countries are suffering from declining margins as natural gas prices fall, demand grows, and operations and maintenance costs escalate. Our experts have first-hand experience working with companies to tackle challenges such as these. We help generators with new builds, operational transformations, capital expenditure, and decommissioning strategies and advise governments on nuclear regimes and regulatory frameworks.

Conventional Generation

We work with many of the world’s largest power-generation fleets to secure lasting improvements in frontline operations. We help our clients develop capabilities to build a strong foundation for performance excellence. We provide access to an unparalleled global network of specialists who have deep expertise and hands-on experience in the power industry, lean operations, and energy efficiency.

Frontline Plant Operations

Our distinctive field-tested process, supported by learning modules, IT packages, and lean techniques, helps clients identify improvement opportunities, generate and evaluate ideas, set priorities, and track results. We tailor each program to the relevant generation technology—fossil, hydro, or nuclear—targeting heat rates, productivity, and outage times.

Portfolio and Operational Risk Management

By following our systematic approach to evaluating risks and returns, clients can make better decisions on sourcing mix, the wholesale/retail balance, long-term versus short-term sales, and hedging programs. We help clients align commercial and operating incentives to capture opportunities and drive sustained impact.

Performance Transformation

Our pragmatic emphasis on value creation enables clients to capture operational gains quickly, adjust performance in real time, and track progress effectively. To ensure that transformation delivers continuous improvement, we focus on long-term shifts in mind-sets and behaviors as well as short-term performance gains.

Biosystems: Biofuel, Bioenergy, and Bio-based Materials

Balancing the competing needs of feeding the global population, meeting growing demands for bioenergy, reducing and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting biodiversity is a complex challenge. We serve energy producers, chemicals companies, agricultural and forestry businesses, international foundations, development organizations, regional and national governments, regulators, and others involved in responding to this challenge. The market for energy from biomass and biofuels is expected to grow from $203 billion in 2008 to $544 billion in 2020, and accounts for a rapidly increasing share of the total market for energy. Similarly, the portfolio of commercially available bio-based materials is experiencing growth. We help implement business models for biofuels and bio-based materials, and develop the potential for generating power and heat from biomass.

Strategy Analytics Center

Our Strategy Analytics Center (STAC) helps leaders make sense of internal and external data on corporate performance, macroeconomic changes, and global and local trends so that executives can develop more robust strategies for creating value, identifying business opportunities, and pursuing growth. We work closely with clients to embed our tools, analytics and expertise, and provide on-going support to help them build the capabilities they need to revolutionize how decisions are made.


Related Practices

We help generators with operational transformations, capital expenditure, and decommissioning strategies and advise governments on nuclear regimes and regulatory frameworks.

Business Technology

We help clients improve performance by designing portfolios—supported by resource reallocation, integrated strategies, and planning processes—that position them for success.

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