Application Development Services for Microsoft

As the requirement for application development increases to meet growing demands on businesses, many organizations build up a complex application development environment in response. Many times, this prevents them from reacting quickly to new opportunities. Using packaged solutions often leaves a functionality gap that must be bridged with expensive and time-consuming customization. By taking a Microsoft-based integrated and standardized approach, organizations can improve efficiency and speed without compromising the ability to deliver business-critical applications.

Business Intelligence Services for Microsoft

Turning data into a strategic asset is a business imperative in today’s connected and data-rich world. Our Microsoft-based information architecture and enterprise performance analytics solutions help businesses manage an increasing deluge of data, driving competitive advantage with strategic information and actionable insights. Our business intelligence services and solutions are delivered on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, consisting of SQL Server, SharePoint Server and Windows Phone.

Enterprise Resource Planning Services for Microsoft

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) services underpin many organizations’ abilities to operate in economies and industries that are subject to rapid change. Agility, flexibility and tight integration are all key elements of ERP performance. Offered both as SaaS and on-premise deployments, our Microsoft-based ERP offering include design, build and run services based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

We deliver solutions on the Microsoft platform quickly and at scale, while enabling our clients to achieve high performance. Our ERP solutions link manufacturing, supply chain, finance, construction management, and human resources management processes, to simplify global operations. Our Microsoft-based solutions are scalable, flexible, and integrated, to boost business productivity, agility and profitability.

Technology Infrastructure Services for Microsoft

Our offerings include migrations to Microsoft Office; data center optimization and virtualization; desktop and workplace infrastructure; and private cloud services. We leverage Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Hyper-V Server. From the data center to the desktop, our Microsoft-based technology infrastructure services help businesses create more efficient, scalable and flexible information technology infrastructures, by integrating existing application investments with an efficient, flexible infrastructure that reduces complexity and boosts agility. Through our partnerships, we are developing detailed case studies of best practices, building robust benchmarking databases, and producing insights into the most complex challenges.


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