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The markets offer rapid growth to those with the right skills and preparation.

March 2015 | by Mr. John Olivier, Chief Investment Officer

In many of the world’s economies, Islamic banking accounts for a major proportion of total banking assets and plays a central role in growth and development. Our Islamic banking group, part of our global Financial Services Practice, serves many of the leading players. Our Islamic finance group has a wealth of experience advising developers, borrowers, investors, Islamic finance institutions, commercial banks, export credit agencies and development finance institutions with regard to Islamic finance. We have experience in all forms of Islamic finance. Our experience extends from major cross-border multisourced project financings to the creation and structuring of Shari’ah-compliant investment products, including Shari’ah-compliant funds and collective investment schemes.

Our team is well acquainted with the application of the principles of Shari’ah, and we have worked with Shari’ah scholars and various supervisory boards in the structuring and documentation of a broad range of transactions, including those based on murabaha, tawarruq, ijara, istisna’a andmusharaka structures. We work with our clients to help ensure they keep apace of sector growth through our ability to support them in the design, structuring and market launch of a diverse and sophisticated range of Shari’ah-compliant financial products and services.

We serve Islamic banks on all key strategic, operational and organizational topics, and we also assist conventional banks in building Islamic banking businesses. Our work includes identifying national and international growth opportunities; helping set up new Islamic banks; and advising on acquisitions, spin-offs and strategic partnerships. We also help our clients strengthen end-to-end business models including customer segmentation, product portfolios, operating models and organization design.

Our client work is backed by extensive investments in knowledge creation and thought leadership, including our proprietary Islamic banking database covering more than fifty banks in sixteen countries across the Middle East and Asia. We work closely with the leading forums on Islamic banking. For example, we have served as strategic knowledge advisor to the Jeddah Economic forum—the pre-eminent regional conference, held under the patronage of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the Royal Court. We authored, for years, a report on Islamic banking competitiveness, in collaboration with the World Islamic Banking Conference.

In addition to a core group of partners with deep experience in Islamic banking, we offer our clients the perspectives of a panel of experts selected from major Islamic Banks and Investment Firms. We have undertaken more than fifty major engagements on Islamic banking across the globe over the past ten years.


Executive Editor

Ms Anna Sullivan

Ms Anna Sullivan