Medical Equipment Planning and Management

We serve medical products companies in all geographies and sectors, including medical supplies, capital equipment, implantable devices, and healthcare IT. In developed markets, our experience working with leading payors, providers, and regulators allows us to provide a unique perspective on the rapidly changing value chain. In emerging markets, we have medical products experts in all key locations, including China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and the Middle East, to help companies capture growth.

Our expertise extends across all functional areas:

Strategy: We help companies address issues ranging from business unit strategy to overall corporate strategy. Among other topics, we can assist with mergers and acquisitions, including post-merger management, market entry and growth, business unit turnaround, and development of a new business.

Commercial: Our work focuses on four areas: product launch, marketing, sales, and market access. For instance, we can assist with growth strategies, pricing, market development, promotional campaigns, customer segmentation and targeting, sales force effectiveness, and payor reimbursement. We also support clients in developing innovative commercial models and executing commercial strategies.

Research and Development: We strive to help clients drive innovation, improve productivity and performance, and develop successful portfolio and asset strategies. We can assist clients in enhancing development of new products, reducing costs and development timelines. In all cases, we help companies evaluate the value proposition for each product in development, considering both clinical and economic benefits.

Organization: We support businesses with all types of organizational challenges, including global expansion and entry into emerging markets. In addition to providing advice on structure and governance, we assist with issues related to a company’s culture and its overall “health,” such as mindset and behavior problems that hinder performance. We have experience with organizational issues in all departments, including clinical and regulatory.

Operations: Our operations expertise covers six main areas: manufacturing, supply chain management, external supply, quality and compliance, network strategy, and product development and lifecycle strategy. For instance, we can help clients apply lean process improvements to all operational areas, including manufacturing, finance, and back-office functions. We also frequently support clients in investigating offshoring and outsourcing options, as well as possible partnerships with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

Healthcare Technology

Our global community of business technology and healthcare consultants is committed to working with healthcare executives on their most challenging technology issues. As members and leaders of Burk teams assisting healthcare organizations, our technology and healthcare consultants bring diverse experience to their projects, having previously served as CIOs, equity analysts, software developers, healthcare experts, and technology entrepreneurs.


Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

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We focus on improving the efficiency of government institutions and aligning system incentives to prioritize the delivery of high-quality, high-value healthcare.

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