Burk Management Program

Each Burk Academy program comprises a series of courses that in combination focus on building specific business capabilities. 

Burk Academy Programs

The Burk Management Program (BMP) is our inaugural set of courses designed for rising professionals looking to build leadership and management skills. This 7 month blended digital foundational management program (with in-person options) embeds new ways of thinking into organizations, delivered through a set of 4 core business management courses that mint high-performing general managers.

The BMP is a multi-client program that is offered several times per year, with each 6-8 week course focused on developing specific management capabilities and offering tools that drive real-world impact.

Companies can participate in the full multi-client BMP offering or choose to participate in select individual courses. In addition, private company cohorts can be offered to further tailor the course sequencing and configure the content for a specific company's needs.

The Burk Management Program includes:

Business Strategy

Learn how to evaluate a strategy and apply Burk’s Strategy Method to develop a business strategy to gain a sustainable advantage in the market. Learn how to better manage and engage team members, develop your feedback and coaching capabilities, and maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Problem Solving

Learn techniques from the world-renowned leader in problem solving, including how to apply Burks structured approach to problem solving. Learn how to present your ideas effectively including how to deliver structured, concise, and compelling business communications.Learn how to handle difficult conversations in a variety of internal and external situations, including performance feedback and conflict resolution.

Corporate Finance and Valuation

Learn the fundamentals of how companies create value, including how to conduct financial analyses and how to develop a value creation strategy that aligns your organization’s operational metrics, financial indicators, and intrinsic/capital market valuation.

Future Business Leaders Forum

Burk Academy is convening next-generation leaders from top global companies for a transformational learning journey to achieve peak performance. Participants will develop as inspirational leaders, learn from leading global business and thought leaders, and build a global network of peers. This program provides a mix of digital courses, in-person learning sessions, and live webinars that hone core skills around critical thinking and strategy, innovation and disruption, and leadership and influence.



Our Pedagogy

Our courses focus on what professionals need to be able to do, not just what they need to know – with expert stories communicating the tacit knowledge that is fundamental to expertise and that provide guidance when basic principles “break” in novel situations.

An Inaugural Course

We help organizations build competitive advantage through the development of sustainable, world-class project management capabilities.

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