Disputes and Litigation Support

Global disputes are becoming more frequent and complex as corporations and financial institutions continue to enter new markets against a backdrop of tighter regulatory scrutiny, higher accountability standards and intense competition. With more companies doing business in emerging markets, the risks are even greater. All of this creates higher costs and greater liability, requiring that disputes be avoided whenever possible, and resolved efficiently when they arise. Our team supports clients facing high stakes litigation, arbitration and investigations, and regulatory scrutiny. We provide our legal clients with access to forensic accountants, financial analysts, actuaries, auditors, economists and statisticians, grounded in deep industry experience.

Arbitration and Mediation

As corporate activities become increasingly global, defending foreign claims in domestic courts presents a host of challenging legal and practical issues. Our cross-border litigation team is well positioned to address these issues, including the reach, content, and interaction of domestic, foreign, and international matters. We understand the nuts and bolts of investigating and gathering evidence in remote locations overseas, as well as the art of framing issues and evidence in a way that enables domestic courts and juries to understand events that occurred under conditions far removed from their experience.

Neutral Partnering Facilitators

Larger, innovated construction projects demand experienced, sophisticated and construction legal advisors at critical project points, especially in the planning phases. We are uniquely suited to help our clients hire attorneys and law firms that have specific construction legal experience. From the project design phase through construction close-out phase, we contract for and manage transactional construction attorneys.

These attorneys are skilled on larger construction projects to assist with forms of agreements, drafting, negotiation agreements and other construction legal documents, including any applicable bidding legal documents, then legal issues and larger disputes during the construction, close-out and post closeout phases. We also assist, when necessary, in finding, contracting for and managing neutral partnering facilitators to assist with upfront project alignment, disputes between the parties, including informal mediations. In rare cases, when all other dispute prevention and resolution processes fail, we help our clients find, contract for, and manage construction litigation firms.


Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

Engaging Regulators and Stakeholders

We work with clients to address the impact of new regulatory requirements, and we provide insights that allow clients to identify and seize market and competitive opportunities arising from regulatory change.