Leadership Development

Across all industries and geographies, our clients agree that leadership development is a critical prerequisite for a healthy, growing organization. But conventional methods of leadership development often fail to deliver results because they do not link the learning with executives’ day-to-day business reality. After all, leaders are not defined by their titles or degrees but by how they behave in real-life situations.

We believe that Burk is uniquely qualified to develop strong leaders. Our experts:

  • integrate practical, relevant business insights with proven learning methodologies
  • customize experiential programs to the unique needs of the candidate
  • develop ways to embed the learning into the day-to-day business context

Based on our experience, the most effective learning comes from the interaction of peers facing similar challenges. Through our programs, we develop leaders by bringing them together with their relevant peer groups, facilitating their discussions, and infusing their day-to-day practice with our latest insights.

Our Programs

Drawing on the deep knowledge of our clients’ industries and their specific situations, we design experiential programs, including leading subject-matter experts to advise on a range of business challenges. These may include such topics as changing a culture, developing the next generation of leaders, and managing in a crisis situation.

We offer two types of programs:

  • Burk Leadership Programs. Individual leaders from different organizations enroll to learn with and from one another based on shared challenges. For example, CEOs come together in the Burk Forum to address the unique issues they face in their role.
  • Customized Programs. Based on workshops and actual fieldwork, these programs are tailored to the specific needs of a given organization. They target the development of cohorts of leaders and may cover issues such as strengthening the top team’s effectiveness and accelerating the development of management leaders.

A Global Network

Our global network of leadership centers, supported by our external networks, allows us to tailor programs to a client’s specific needs or bring together regional groups of clients for a peer-learning experience. To ensure we truly address organizations’ needs and continuously innovate, we draw on the counsel of our Advisory Board—distinguished academics, thought leaders, and executives with a record of people leadership.


Our Pedagogy

Our courses focus on what professionals need to be able to do, not just what they need to know – with expert stories communicating the tacit knowledge that is fundamental to expertise and that provide guidance when basic principles “break” in novel situations.

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