Committed Financial Services and Specialty Finance Focus 

Our team provides a unique combination of project development and financing expertise, relationships with key stakeholders, and proprietary tools and data that enable us to serve as trusted partners to governments, private developers, and investors. Our project-development work focuses on helping bridge the current gap between infrastructure investment and needs by convening the right parties and collaborating to establish viable, bankable infrastructure projects in which investors can be confident. Our team uses several flexible models to help our clients source and develop projects and pipelines, accelerate project development, match projects to financing, and build project-delivery consortiums. Our client-service models are flexible and can include establishing partnership models. These exceptional approaches enable us to not only provide advisory services with delayed compensation or fees linked to project success—which relieves development-stage and cash-flow pressure—but also align our economic incentives with those of our clients.

Our team conducts analyses of subsectors and geographies of interest and develops bespoke and nonpublic brownfield- and greenfield-development opportunities to help our clients source opportunities as well as identify and develop projects. We play two roles for project owners. First, we help them make their ideas bankable with a clear project-value proposition. Second, we map and identify potential investors, facilitate introductions, and develop the information or materials needed to support investor engagement.

We help project owners identify the optimal strategy to raise financing for their project by drawing on our knowledge of the range of available tools and instruments, in-depth expertise on the assets under development, and insights into the project owner’s needs. Through functional expertise across all aspects of capital projects and operations, we offer both targeted initiatives and broad, long-term support to optimize project spend and operations, prioritize projects and investments across a project portfolio, and accelerate delivery by working alongside our clients—building the capabilities of client teams and serving as project managers.

Our team helps clients develop the best consortium to deliver and operate the asset under development. We can also participate as a member of the consortium. We provide a wide range of support throughout the project-development phase. Our activities during this period include performing due diligence, developing and managing a business plan, establishing a project-management-office function to support the development and management of third-party contractors, and conducting risk assessments.