Government by Investigation

Crises manifest themselves in different ways and are rarely one-dimensional. They can threaten a company’s existence or, at the very least, consume its attention and resources for many months or even years. Our collective experience shows that the best way to avoid or limit a major crisis is to prepare for it and to seek counsel early. Our professionals regularly counsel clients on how best to avert or mitigate a crisis, advise on fundamental governance and compliance principles, conduct early risk assessments, and develop proactive crisis management plans to help companies prepare for the worst.

Constitution and Civil Justice  

We have developed a formidable team and a singular approach to help our clients respond to the challenges they face when confronted with a congressional, executive commission or other special governmental investigation. We have deep and broad experience advising clients from virtually every sector of the economy before a broad range of House and Senate committees. Our team further comprises both Democrats and Republicans with extensive legislative and executive branch experience.

The guidance we provide to our clients is informed by our understanding of the congressional motivation for, and objectives of, the investigation and the spectrum of risk that the investigation may pose for our client. As one of Washington’s pre-eminent public policy advocacy firms, we are practiced and proficient in affecting the legislative process to our clients’ benefit.

Investigation, Counseling and Preparedness

We bring high-level bipartisan government experience, a tradition of excellence and a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses and industries to the unique process of congressional investigations. Our professionals have handled important congressional investigations both while serving in the federal government and in private practice, and have extensive experience in guiding companies and individuals through the particular challenges that congressional investigations present, including a keen awareness of the impact a high-profile congressional investigation can have on civil litigation, criminal investigations and regulatory matters.

We have advised clients in a wide variety of investigations conducted by many congressional committees– including the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Banking Committee, House Financial Services Committee, House Natural Resources Committee and others. We take an integrated approach, working closely with our client’s government and public affairs personnel when necessary to ensure a carefully comprehensive response to high-profile congressional investigations.


Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

Owner Representative

We support owners planning mega projects by developing business cases aligned with their long-term strategic objectives, by ensuring rapid and effective decision making through our proprietary tools, and by performing key analyses to monitor the progress, economics, and risk associated with projects. more