Oil and Gas Industry

In the past seven years we have undertaken more than three-hundred projects involving natural gas.

  • We helped an Asian national oil company overcome challenges in management systems, culture, and leadership at its refineries by building teams of skilled change agents and piloting a new management process. The project identified operational improvements worth more than seven-hundred million. 

  • We worked with an oil refiner to benchmark and transform performance at several sites, leading to an advance of two or three quartiles by each refinery and the development of initiatives to capture more than three-hundred million a year in revenue and cost savings. 

  • We supported a gas distribution utility in developing a risk-scoring method for allocating capital across a portfolio of more than five-hundred projects, fifteen to twenty percent of which were reprioritized in line with their safety risk probability. 

  • We helped an independent oil company develop and implement measures to improve production volumes and adopt best practices in well and reservoir management. This lead to the identification of a twenty percent incremental volume gain and a sixty percent reduction in the well decline rate. 

  • We advised an Eastern European oil and gas company on the design of a field-development program to increase efficient production and to plan a series of organizational and process improvements for building capabilities. The project identified new drilling opportunities that could add twenty-five percent to production output. 

  • We worked with an independent operator to diagnose operational processes, develop new standards, and roll out new processes through capability-building academies. The client gained more than ten percent in facilities uptime from better execution of scheduling. 

  • We worked with an international natural gas company’s frontline-operations, technical, and maintenance teams to implement lean practices, delivering a thirteen percent increase in production within three months. The project focused on building client-team capabilities to ensure sustainable delivery of the realized gains.