Media and Entertainment

We advise advertising sales organizations on how to refocus their strategy, clearly articulate their value proposition, and boost performance.

  • Helped a sports league that was seeing widely variable performance across its portfolio of web sites and digital channels. A comparison of league practices to best digital practices identified improvement opportunities, which when implemented, doubled and tripled visitor traffic. We developed and implemented a successful online strategy refocusing a directory services company’s digital efforts. After the launch of the new strategy, the team continued to help the company improve the performance of region-specific efforts. 

  • Helped a leading casino improve its customer relationship management by strengthening customer services processes; this project was part of a larger effort to reposition casino properties to appeal to more valuable customer segments. Customers are now staying longer and spending more on their visits, resulting in a ten percent increase in “same store” sales, compared to the three percent industry average.  

  • Worked with a leading professional sports league to design new organizational and incentive structures. Efforts included developing an enhanced RFP process to help the league renegotiate vendor contracts and conducting benchmarking across clubs to identify specific savings opportunities; indirect spend was reduced by fourteen percent, with sixty percent of the anticipated savings captured within the first year. 

  • Developed a long-term strategic plan for a motion picture studio that included rationalizing the five-year film portfolio to increase returns on investments. The work resulted in major shifts in the genres of films targeted, adjustments to film budgets to better reflect risks and revenue projections, and more use of outside financing. 

  • Helped an international television production company to explore new service offerings in live events and branded retail products. We sized each market, reviewed competitors and profit pools, and developed a market-entry path and potential business models. We helped the company place these growth initiatives into a broader innovation and strategic framework and built best-in-class brand management capabilities.  

  • We helped a leading US newspaper identify new services targeted to baby boomers. Building on our proprietary research and development, we augmented consumer research, performed a series of consumer ethnographies, analyzed online content.