Technology, Telecommunications, and Semiconductors

We help information technology companies around the world innovate, improve operations, and deliver value—from early-stage companies to multinational software, hardware, and services providers.

  • We helped a large information technology company that wished to clearly link its capital structure with shareholder value creation. We supported the client in evaluating a proposal to re-leverage the balance sheet, stop paying dividends, and significantly increase the size of the share buyback program. The client proposed an alternative solution to its board and now employs an analytical process to link its capital structure to shareholder value creation.  

  • We helped a global telecommunications company facing uncertainty in the wake of the economic crisis create accurate models for evaluating the impact of the crisis on business performance by business line, predicting the actions of its competitors in the wake of the downturn and assessing market disruptions caused by new technologies.  

  • We helped a semiconductor company reduce both its development costs and it’s time to market. With the client we performed a diagnostic of each engineering department to identify improvement opportunities, bottlenecks, and prerequisites for implementing a transformation, and then piloted and rolled out a “lean” productivity-improvement program to each department. The client achieved a twenty percent performance improvement and shortened planning processes by thirty percent, which allowed it to deliver on development milestones and reduce its multi-month project delays. 

  • We supported a global consumer-electronics company in transitioning from a fast follower into a leading innovator. We helped set a clear innovation strategy, and design new processes, performance metrics, and portfolio governance. Using the Insights to Action approach, the client was able to create a new breakthrough portfolio pipeline; it now has more than ten new areas of innovation under development, each with the potential to generate five hundred million or more in revenue. 

  • We helped a global consumer electronics company double its market share in China in only two years. By using detailed data on individual store performance, as well as geographic forecasting data, we created twenty-five city clusters and prioritized the seven that had the highest potential for growth. We then helped the client shift its resources to focus on these prioritized clusters before driving growth in other clusters.