Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction

We have supported engineering firms and construction companies on a variety of strategic, operational, and organization topics.

  • We helped a sovereign government on a variety of strategic, organizational, and operational topics, including: managing stakeholder-government relations and political risk and building an understanding of the development needs of host countries and the delivery challenges associated with developing the country’s power, freight, rail, and port infrastructure. 

  • We assisted a toll operator in meeting its growth objectives, while controlling its costs. We helped the client design a new organizational structure for the corporate center and its subsidiaries, redefine roles, adopt a shared service model, and develop a five-year strategy to support its future growth goals.  

  • We helped a populous Latin American city redevelop a large urban area for mixed use. Given the size of its existing population and anticipated growth, the area faced significant infrastructure and funding gaps, plus environmental challenges. We supported the city in creating an actionable plan to make the area: operationally self-sufficient, aligned with the city’s cultural and environmental objectives, and amenable to future complex upgrades.  

  • We helped a major specialty chemicals company develop a comprehensive growth strategy for one specific customer industry, which had up to that point been scattered across its portfolio. By reviewing the trends and growth opportunities from a customer perspective, we were able to help the client develop a profitable growth strategy that addresses the industry’s core, unmet needs.  

  • We assisted a department of transport in North America in developing a strategy to guide and prioritize infrastructure investments, based on a range of quantitative and qualitative metrics. In addition, we helped the client design the organizational structure and processes required to efficiently roll out the strategy to regional sub-divisions. 

  • We assisted a European ministry of finance in designing and actualizing a PPP unit. Prior to the engagement, the group responsible for PPPs was loosely organized and functioned ad hoc. We helped the client define the unit’s value proposition, strategy, business plan, governance structure, and management processes. At the same time, we strengthened the unit’s capabilities by supporting them through live deals.