New Paths in Hospital Consulting

We define hospital consulting new - with a concerted, comprehensive and tailored to the hospital needs portfolio of individualized services the clinic counseling. So that we can assist you in all aspects of a change process: From diagnosis through the development of solutions to implement to build skills in your hospital organization. Hospitals any sponsorship and any size rely on our consulting support - large university hospitals, hospital groups and hospital groups, municipal and non-profit hospitals and private clinics work with us, to make continuous improvements.

The extensive experience of Burk in the hospital sector can be found in the Burk Hospital Institute as a specialized hospital consulting bundled. Our team has a broad and interdisciplinary expertise - physicians, pharmacists, biologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists, computer scientists and mathematicians are working together in the hospital consulting. Sister Institute of Hospital Consulting exist in the UK and the USA. The Institute is part of Burk, the world's leading strategy and management consulting. Burk has extensive international experience in advising clients in the health sector. For clients include providers, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and health systems. Intensity and duration of our support, we adapt to your needs - from a purely data-driven analysis on a short-term, ad hoc advice to a full-time on-site support.

More Flexibility

You want to make consulting projects flexible? Content, scope and duration of our collaboration are variable, we can help you and your hospital even away from the classic hospital consultation.

Focus Implementation

You want a stronger focus on the concrete implementation of projects? Recommendations and concepts for us are just the beginning in the hospital consulting. We accompany you at every step in the implementation. With the help of our Hospital Health index we analyze organization-related resistances in your hospital and show concrete ways of improving the organization Health on.

Empower Employees

You want your own employees enable independently implement change processes and projects? School In our Burk Hospital Academy and we train the necessary skills of clinical and non-clinical staff of your hospital.

Longer-term Cooperation

You want to work for a longer period with us? We see ourselves as a continuous discussion partner and companion of your hospital.

Direct Contact

You want a direct line to the hospital management and the expertise of Burk? In our network for access to our analysts, our knowledge and our international network of experts.