Strategic Contracting Origination

We support clients globally and across industries to get the most out of their contracts along the full life cycle by shifting the focus toward contracts as active management tools. We help our clients have the strongest possible starting point for their large projects by establishing a tailored procurement strategy, structuring contract-award negotiations to realize early cost savings and building the required management infrastructure. For clients with large portfolios of smaller projects, we evaluate potential bundling strategies and partnership models that help achieve continuous improvement over time.

We also advise clients on settling claims and help them find opportunities to retain value during contract closeout. Well-structured claim and counter-claim strategies have helped our clients achieve average claim settlement rates significantly below the original claimed value. We have a proven approach and proprietary tool kit that secures significant value for each project we work on. Our extensive global network comprises experts with decades of industry experience, strategic consultant practitioners, and formal collaboration agreements with leading law firms.

Public-Sector Agreements

Larger, innovated construction projects demand experienced, sophisticated and construction legal advisors at critical project points, especially in the planning phases. We are uniquely suited to help our clients hire attorneys and law firms that have specific construction legal experience. From the project design phase through construction close-out phase, we contract for and manage transactional construction attorneys.

These attorneys are skilled on larger construction projects to assist with forms of agreements, drafting, negotiation agreements and other construction legal documents, including any applicable bidding legal documents, then legal issues and larger disputes during the construction, close-out and post closeout phases. We also assist, when necessary, in finding, contracting for and managing neutral partnering facilitators to assist with upfront project alignment, disputes between the parties, including informal mediations. In rare cases, when all other dispute prevention and resolution processes fail, we help our clients find, contract for, and manage construction litigation firms.

Examples of our impact

We help our clients secure value at any stage of the contract life cycle. Past work includes:

  • Helped a client secure ten percent in cost savings through a structured tender award and negotiation process, while maintaining a balanced and transparent risk profile.
  • Developed a partnership model that achieved a five percent initial and two percent to three percent annual savings for a client building hundreds of similar projects.
  • Helped a client rightsize its contract-management organization, reducing anticipated costs by more than twenty percent of the anticipated value.
  • Captured more than €40 million on a €500 million infrastructure project by defining, detailing, and executing structured contract-closeout strategies.

Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

Owner Representative

While early design-to-value efforts are beneficial to achieve cost-effective solutions, significant sums of money on capital projects can be lost in delays and disputes leading to claims and cost overruns. We approach procurement and contracts as the basis for the relationship between parties, and therefore as a valuable management tool to influence behavior and align incentives throughout project execution. We help our clients design contracts that support project success by establishing terms that inform and direct the project execution.