Burk Construction, Inc. and Burk Venture-Capital Management, Ltd.

We help owners identify the optimal strategy to raise financing for their project by drawing on our knowledge of the range of available tools and instruments, in-depth expertise on the assets under development, and insights into the project owner’s needs. Our work with clients in pre-diligence investment screening is varied and tailored to their specific needs. We help identify and qualify investment opportunities by leveraging a systematic process to screen potential targets and provide proactive, investable insights and ideas. Our approach to due diligence is flexible and analytics-driven, incorporating extensive proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience.

Our diverse and highly competitive portfolio consistently delivers strong results. We aim to actively contribute to the development of each of our portfolio companies. We leverage our know-how, experience, and business network to facilitate and support value-creating strategies through close working relationships with corporate management teams. We employ a business model focused on achieving excellence in our daily operations, generating superior cash flow, and creating long-term shareholder value. We make substantial investments in research and development to unlock new resources, improve the efficiency of our operations, and increase the value of our services. The global integration of our subsidiaries allows us to capture significant value. 

Burk Venture-Capital Management and Burk Construction Co. offers clients a portfolio of investment projects with a variety of structures, risk levels, and currencies, with the objective of generating equity-like returns with lower risk over the long term. The team principally uses third-party independent fund managers who make investment decisions independently of Burk Venture-Capital. We use several flexible business models to help our clients match projects to financing, including establishing partnership models with our clients. We partner throughout the entire process, including the following:

  • Origination and Development. We work alongside our clients, building the capabilities of client teams while serving as shareholder managers. We define a value proposition for the project and craft the development plan for various stakeholders. Through our functional expertise across all aspects of capital projects and operations, we offer both targeted initiatives and broad, long-term support to optimize project spending and operations, prioritize projects and investments across a project portfolio.

  • Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies. We have developed extensive knowledge, expertise, and proprietary tools that enable us to conduct due diligence and portfolio work that delivers a substantial financial impact. To ensure the long-term health of the portfolio, we measure opportunities against investor capabilities, risk appetite, and existing portfolio contents. We identify potential investors, facilitate introductions, and develop the information or materials to support investor engagement. We help clients understand the potential for value creation, including opportunities to improve an asset’s position, operating performance, capital execution, regulatory management, and, if possible, opportunities for revenue growth.

  • Public Hearings and Communications. Whether a client seeks to influence legislation, is involved in a political campaign or needs guidance on regulatory compliance, our Government Policy team helps clients formulate and execute efficient government policy strategies that achieve results. Our bipartisan group of registered lobbyists have decades of experience bringing our clients’ interests to bear upon executive, legislative and regulatory decision making. This enables us to devise and implement the best strategies to promote the client’s interests through executive, legislative, regulatory and political channels.

  • Liquidity Valuation and Financing Strategy. By applying a systematic approach, we help assess the full range of private and public options for funding infrastructure assets. Our proprietary models enable us to identify risk, advise on pricing, and assess risk mitigation approaches and their implications on financing strategy. By leveraging our vast network, we can facilitate connections to alternative sources of capital for our clients’ infrastructure projects.

  • Regulatory and Legislation Functions. Laws and regulations are becoming ever more detailed, extraterritorial reach is increasing, and the consequences of non-compliance are more severe than ever. In light of the wave of new regulation, we have built strong capabilities to help clients understand the impact of regulatory changes and design mitigating strategies. We work with clients to address the impact of new regulatory requirements, and we provide insights that allow clients to identify and seize competitive opportunities arising from regulatory change.

  • Public-Private Contract Formation. As plans for an alliance go forward, we help our clients develop the strategy and skills necessary to structure, negotiate, and implement the arrangement. We approach procurement and contracts as the basis for the relationship between parties, and therefore as a valuable management tool to influence and align incentives throughout project execution. We help our clients design contracts that support project success by establishing terms that inform and direct the project execution, rather than narrowly focusing on purely legal requirements. We support clients globally and across industries to get the most out of their contracts along the full life cycle by shifting the focus toward contracts as active management tools.

  • Property and Land Acquisitions. Our global real-estate team works closely with related practices—including Corporate Finance, Organization, and Operations—to constantly test, improve, and expand our tools and knowledge. Through extensive client service, we have developed best practices for core real-estate processes, such as project budgeting, design and engineering, project management, project approvals, and risk management.

  • Design and Engineering Drawings. We support clients in developing project strategies. We conduct analyses of sub-sectors and geographies of interest, and we develop bespoke and nonpublic brownfield and greenfield development opportunities to help our clients source, identify, and develop projects. We provide a wide range of support throughout the design and engineering phase, including developing and managing a business plan to support our construction management group of third-party contractors, and conducting extensive project risk assessments.

  • Infrastructure and Construction Delivery. We help our clients have the strongest possible starting point for their large projects by establishing a tailored procurement strategy, structuring contract-award negotiations to realize early cost savings and building the required management infrastructure. Our approach to due diligence is flexible and driven by analytics, and it incorporates proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience. We also provide support for operational improvement, including risk management and business support functions. To support the formation of strong joint ventures, consortiums, and special purpose entities, we advise clients on structure, negotiations, and implementation. To ensure the long-term success of an investment, we assist clients in identifying, analyzing, and managing project risk.

  • Privatization and Divestiture. We help clients realize maximum deal value from partnerships—by tapping the right synergies, building capabilities, shaping the new culture, and speeding up integration. We help clients realize maximum deal value as quickly as possible by tapping the right sources of value; getting the new culture right; using the right tools and approaches to speed up integration; and building capabilities to execute the right future deals. To support divestitures, we help clients value the relevant business, identify possible deal structures, and support key issues affecting negotiations, such as listing documents, the impact on vendors and the possible need for supply agreements with the acquirer.

As a fiduciary to our clients, our firm is built to protect and grow the value of our clients’ assets. From our perspective, business-relevant sustainability issues can contribute to a company’s long-term financial performance, and thus further incorporating these considerations into the investment research, portfolio construction, and stewardship process can enhance long-term risk adjusted returns. By expanding access to data, insights and learning on material environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities in investment processes across our diverse platform, we become better overall investors.

Project Investment Partners

We work with a diverse set of clients, including pension funds, retirement systems, endowments and foundations, and sovereign wealth funds. Our work is driven by the collaboration of partners, advisors, and specialists with a deep understanding of private equity and the intricacies of the investment lifecycle. We help improve overall investment performance using a simplified and streamlined approach, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and situation. Our consultants and experts bring distinctive insights and capabilities when serving institutional investors, helping them navigate shifts in the investment landscape and capture key opportunities. Our approach to due diligence is flexible and analytics-driven, incorporating extensive proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience. Our flexible model allows for a wide range of potential configurations, from targeted analysis to fully-integrated due diligence.