Strengthening Global Health and Care

As the world population grows and ages, governments are under increasing pressure to ensure that citizens have access to high-quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. Delivering real healthcare value involves helping healthcare organizations improve performance management through enhanced strategic and operational approaches.

Sub-Saharan Africa has about eleven percent of the world’s people, but it carries twenty percent of the global disease burden in human and financial costs. Almost half the world’s deaths of children under five take place in Africa. This challenge is significant but not insurmountable. There is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the private sector in ways that improve access and increase the financing and quality of healthcare goods and services throughout Africa. In a region where public resources are limited, the private sector is already a significant player. Around sixty percent of health care financing in Africa comes from private sources, and about fifty percent of total health expenditure goes to private providers. Just as important, the vast majority of the region’s poor people, both urban and rural, rely on private healthcare. A poor woman with a sick child is as likely to go to a private hospital or clinic as to a public facility.

Clinical Research and Operations

Health care is now the world’s largest industry, and it has contributed significantly to improving quality of life and extending life expectancy. However, these societal gains have brought significant economic challenges. During the past few decades, the annual growth in health-care costs has exceeded GDP growth by two percentage points in most OECD countries. This presents a critical financing problem for the payor, be it the state or private insurance holders. And while recent progress has been significant, work remains to improve the quality of medical treatment and integrated care programs. 

Our Health Care Systems and Services Practice supports the industry’s main players: national and regional health-care agencies, state health insurances, insurers, mutual insurance companies, hospitals and academic research centers, clinics, and other health-care providers. We counsel these clients on key strategic, organizational, and operations issues that will shape the health-care landscape over the decades to come. These include analyzing the performance of the system as a whole and of the integrated care programs in particular, conceiving and conducting national-system performance improvement strategies, developing operational strategies and conducting transformations for public and private hospitals, improving medical treatment quality and patient services, and raising the international profile of French research and health-care institutions. 

Implementing organizational change is hard, but it’s particularly challenging in healthcare. Yet ever-rising costs, technology advances, and reform initiatives are making change mandatory in most healthcare organizations. By combining its extensive healthcare experience with the organizational expertise developed in its corporate work, we bring an unparalleled level of knowledge and skill to help healthcare clients implement large-scale change programs. We also help these clients ensure that their organizational design supports optimal performance and evaluate whether mergers or joint ventures make sense. And we help improve their leadership skills—from the C-suite to the front line—so people can do their jobs more effectively. Specifically, we work in four major areas:

Given industry dynamics, most healthcare organizations today must undertake transformations—significant organizational changes that improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behavior. The transformations must address both organizational performance and health. Our unique approach to developing transformation programs ensures success because all activities are well resourced, structured, supported, and measured. We use a variety of proprietary tools, including our Organizational Health Index survey, to identify problems and develop actionable insights. We also help clients deepen a wide range of capabilities, from functional skills (e.g., operations, pricing) to basic leadership capacity, to ensure the transformation’s sustainability.

Mr. David Smith

Mr. David Smith

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Mrs. Alison Grimes

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