Selfperforming General Contracting Services

Every successful project can be traced back to a strategy that reflects new business plans for organizational goals. That’s why true integrated delivery begins and ends with strategy. Our approach to integrated delivery embraces all four phases of the building program lifecycle: strategy, design, engineering, construction, and implementation. We work upstream and downstream of design and implementation, providing our clients with services ranging from strategic consulting and portfolio analysis to commissioning and post-occupancy support of facility management.

Our comprehensive services span pre-construction and feasibility analysis, budget development and cost control, selection of construction partners (including public-private partnerships), and management of the entire implementation and estimating process. We support clients on asset planning and prioritization, financial projections— including resource modeling, and business and operating models.

We support clients in the following areas:

Structural Steel and Cast-In-Place Concrete Structures

We know that a project’s success begins with a safe, strong and quality foundation that's built to exacting standards by a team with skills acquired through years of experience. One of our greatest strengths is our geographic diversity and experienced subcontractor base. Strong relationships, which have been maintained over the years, ensure we’ll bring the best resources to the project. By putting quality work in place safely, we have created a track record of successful project performance and a lengthy list of repeat clients. 

Mechanical Piping and Building Automation

We help clients develop and maintain energy-efficient products, respond to changing regulations, and identify opportunities to improve cost. We advise building automation clients on evolving market conditions – including the increasing influence of IT networking and energy services companies and the importance of big data and advanced analytics capabilities. We also support nuclear and renewable energy–solar, wind, hydro, and biomass – equipment manufacturers. 

Electrical Devices, Panels, and Systems

The makers of electrical equipment face a unique set of challenges. Technology is evolving in some parts of the industry, while other parts are under pressure of commodification. Our Advanced Electronics Practice helps companies turn these strategic challenges into manageable transitions or opportunities. From power generation to storage, transmission and distribution, we support clients in all phases of the power chain. 

Fire Protection and Electronic Security

We support clients as they navigate an increasingly dynamic market driven by regional regulations and codes, digitalization, and the demand for integrated systems with remote access. Our consultants have perspectives on intelligent response fire and security technology and service operations in a variety of buildings, including airports and other large public spaces. We also support clients seeking alliances and strategic partnerships.

Equipment Installation

We provide rigging and erecting, hauling, millwright and ironworker services. Utilizing proven safety procedures, project management systems, precise scheduling and innovative techniques, we offer complete installation services to make your project successful. Assisting from start to finish, self-performed services also include logistics planning, site preparation, concrete components and road construction. Our value analysis and value engineering program provides a database of best practices that save time and money. Our commitment to safety includes dedicated, full-time safety directors who oversee all projects and enforce safety protocols.


Construction Innovation

The Burk Company is among the innovation leaders in the construction industry thanks to our systematic innovation management efforts across companies and divisions. These activities enable us to continuously reinforce and boost our market position.

Unique projects require innovative strength. Often, these customized solutions are complex and one-of-a-kind. Numerous research and development advances are used in the projects to meet our clients’ requirements.

We maintains a worldwide network of partners who contribute significantly to our innovative capacity.

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