We Believe that the Best Designs Begin with Drawings by Hand 

To deliver a project according to an owner’s requirements is particularly challenging. With owners increasingly pushing to transfer project delivery risks to the contractor, decades-old practices of delivering engineering and construction services are no longer sufficient to ensure profitability and owner satisfaction. Drawing on our experience in other industries, we find that applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices at every stage of a project can result in significantly higher margins, higher commercial win rates, and improved client loyalty and trust. Our Infrastructure Practice supports owners in planning and executing projects according to BIM principles. At the same time, we use our deep knowledge of mindsets and behaviors and our extensive experience in organizational transformation to embed these principles and change the project team’s way of working.

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

On the innovation front, the opportunities are more diverse, but equally powerful. We see advances in materials, processes, and information technology that will make possible entirely new kinds of products and can radically alter how manufacturers operate. Nanotechnologies will potentially create a new era in microelectronics. Materials such as lightweight steel and aluminum and carbon fiber are being introduced into auto manufacturing, helping to create new lightweight vehicles that will soon be seen on the streets of Asia's megacities. All over the world, automakers are mastering new drive train technologies. Pharmaceutical companies are mastering bio-engineering techniques that will help develop personalized medicines.

We turn data into actionable insights and improved performance. We identify the highest-value opportunities, source the most relevant internal and external data, apply world-class analytics and modeling, and drive adoption throughout the organization. We help clients make the right up-front technology choices for the chosen strategy and then deliver bold and agile execution. We help leading companies and public sector agencies deliver high-impact digital strategies at scale, at speed, and at the lowest attainable cost. Our work covers the full technology stack from selecting the right applications and tools to advising on next-generation technology infrastructures to creating custom mobile apps through rapid prototyping methods.

We draw on the expertise of the firm around the world and across all functional areas—from supply chain to human resources—to bring additional insights to our clients. Many of our high-tech consultants have worked in high-tech companies prior to joining Burk, and/or have advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering, and physics. We orchestrate delivery to ensure that technology investment translates into business outcomes. We build capabilities across the organization.

Implementation and Integration

Effective Discovery-Design-Delivery is essentially a balancing act that requires getting into the guts of the organization to align its people, processes, and capabilities. We work with companies to link their analysis and decisions to frontline realities, and make sure the frontline understands the logic for decisions. Our knowledge development efforts have also yielded a wide range of tools and analytic frameworks that help establish practical perspectives based on hard facts.

Whether building digital prototypes to visualize strategies, creating custom-built apps and analytics, or embarking on agile transformations, we help clients capture business value from their ideas and initiatives. We work hand-in-hand with client executives and our consultants to support implementation by rapidly creating digital prototypes and embedding recommendations in clients’ existing technology platforms. Our work ranges from simple custom apps to enablement of end-to-end digital transformation.


Related Practices

We work closely with owners and contractors to achieve higher lifecycle returns for their large capital projects, in less time and with greater predictability, by moving from traditional management to a activity-focused project approach for end-to-end project delivery.

Business Solutions

Our consultants work across industries to help executives solve their most important technology challenges, from critical applications and business processes to the implementation.

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