Forensic Science Analyses

Working with major law firms, regulators, and corporations throughout the world, our Forensic Science Group provides written and oral expert evidence, professional investigations, and technical litigation support services. Our experts have extensive experience in each of these areas, and our rich set of complementary skills has led to engagements in disputes involving complex accounting issues, significant quantum of loss calculations, economic and financial crime, fraud, corruption, bribery, and other issues that threaten the integrity or reputation of organizations. We know that turning the results of investigation and analysis into robust reports requires communicating complex issues and transactions clearly and understandably to non-specialists. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together talent from the firm’s accounting, consulting, and industry specific practice areas. We provide all the experience required for successful investigations and resolution from exceptionally-skilled and integrated in-house teams.

Accurate Economic Damage Calculations

We provide our corporate clients and their legal advisors with access to forensic accountants, financial analysts, actuaries, auditors, economists and statisticians, grounded in deep local industry experience. Our economic damages experts have significant experience analyzing financial and economic data in connection with breach of contract, termination, accounting malpractice, intellectual property infringement, merger and acquisition disputes, securities cases, and other types of commercial disputes. 

Catastrophe Modeling

When faced with a significant explosion, fire, release, or spill, decision makers must respond quickly on multiple fronts to diverse, complex issues that demand timely decisions and decisive action. These issues may include: demands by government regulatory agencies for information, documents, and employee interviews; media inquiries; preservation of evidence, including technology equipment, and the incident scene; retention of professional experts; and many others.


Although historically paper and hard-copy file driven, today the vast bulk of discovery is electronic based—email, electronic documents, spreadsheets, databases, social media and data in the cloud. With the significant increase in the volume of electronic data held by companies over the last twenty years, discovery, particularly e-discovery, has become even more significant to the outcome and cost of litigation. We have experience assisting clients with discovery, including the use of new tools and contacts in e-discovery.


Executive Leadership

Mr. James Moore

Mr. James Moore

Owner Representative

We support owners planning mega projects by developing business cases aligned with their long-term strategic objectives, by ensuring rapid and effective decision making through our proprietary tools, and by performing key analyses to monitor the progress, economics, and risk associated with projects. more